Nippon Travelogue Part Two: Bully

Since I rambled on and on about Lost for two weeks, and because of recent attacks of insomnia, this episode is going to be a short one. I won’t give you the minute by minute details about our stay in the two Tokyo Disney parks (plus I already rambled on and on about the two best rides there), but I do want to make special mention of the greatest bar in perhaps all of Japan—nay, the world: The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge.


Statesman. Adventurer. Asskicker.

Why is it so awesome? Well, it’s basically a shrine to Teddy Roosevelt, and that’s plenty of reason. But there are so many aspects, so many layers that create a fun and relaxing place to enjoy a few tasty beverages and eat some of Japan’s notoriously small but delicious meals.

For one thing, the lounge is in this bigass ship.


Jack and Rose not pictured.

That’s the Columbia. Unlike the Columbia at the Anaheim Disneyland, it never moves out of dock, but what it lacks in mobility, it greatly makes up in teddyrooseveltloungitude. To get there, you have to climb an elegant staircase, dazzling you with its majesty.


Tim! Chels! Tim! Chels! Tim! Chels! And so on.

Everything looks authentic (or at least, Disneythentic) to the time period, and to complete the whole Titanic vibe, my wife recognized the ambient music as what was supposedly played on the ship. What a perfect atmosphere to reminisce about the good old times, when women couldn’t vote and certain folks weren’t allowed on golf courses. Well, maybe just the good parts of the good old times, when a president of the United States could duel someone to death then hunt a tiger and still be home in time for brandy.


So nostalgic I had to set my camera setting to “nostalgic.”

Anyway, on to the important part of the bar: the drinks. One of the many, many things that I loved about Japan was their approximations of American food (but that’s another episode). As such, their idea of a Bloody Mary was…interesting. At least they gave us a bottle of Tabasco just in case the tomato flavored water wasn’t spicy enough for us. Their other more basic or fruity drinks were much better. And they had a beer I didn’t find anywhere else in Japan, not even in the fantastic 7-11s there: Kirin Stout.


Mmm, dark like the African Congo.

The waitress even came back to make sure I was okay with the beer being so dark. Yes, kindly waitress, that’s why I ordered it. Good to know Japan’s got my back if I order a bad beer.


CAN-DO: A concept so American, Japan doesn’t even have a word for it.

So here’s to you, Teddy. Truly, a themed bar in a Disney park in Japan is a more fitting tribute than some big face on a mountain.
By the way, I forgot to mention in the last episode that I have a flickr page with more pictures, for the curious.

Next episode: More food! More drinks!

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