The Satellite Show has been in its time a force for change, a college radio show, a terrible TV format and a gaggle of fellows who enjoying talking about pop culture entirely too much.

The Satellite Show blog will consist of daily content from different members of our Panel of Experts. Topics will be as diverse as wine, MMA, bad movies, and totems of growing up in the 1980s.

Mondays: Erik Amaya discusses his film and TV obsessions. Occasionally a video game or Internet video may creep in. He also writes The Comic Reel every weekday morning at Comic Book Resources and Future Threat.

Tuesdays: Louis Allred talks about whatever shiny object enters his periphery. He also writes occasionally at louisathome.tumblr.com and miniaturefiction.tumblr.com.

Wednesdays: Mark Carpenter, a teacher, urban farmer, and brash trash talker, complains about the internet being too loud.

Thursdays: David Duman, a food and wine professional, professes about food and wine.

Fridays: Known in some circles as Captain Supermarket, archenemy of mediocrity Justin Robinson writes about his all-consuming obsessions and psychotic hatreds.  The Rant Aisle archive can be found at www.th3rdworld.com, and some short comic pieces in Popgun Vol. 2 and Space Doubles Vol. 1.

Saturdays: Clint Wolf emerges from his haze of thirty-something senility to rant and rave. As if that weren’t enough, he has another blog hosted at Zombie Ranch, a weekly webcomic which he writes and makes his wife do art stuff for.

Sundays: Tim Bennett has the largest collection of black market monkey organs in the western hemisphere.