2 Responses to Transmissions

  1. Jon Kenworthy says:

    Ok, this is in reference to Tread Who Perilously, my reckoning is that the whole of the Who canon should be involved in the podcast mission statement. You should do any “classic series” who story. I feel it would be interesting to hear your opinions of Who stories from all walks of quality. The landscape of television has changed so much that it would also be interesting to hear about your opinions of the “good” Who tales.

    For context my position is that I love the majority of “classic Who” but I enjoy your podcasts to the point that I would like to hear your opinions on general Who episodes. I would like to hear how “Classic” Who episodes such as Caves of Androzani hold up to your scrutiny.

    If you need a crap british guest fan to add some kind of british “Why the fuck did people think this is good?” context, I am there for you.

    I grew up in a landscape where Doctor Who was not cool. This was 80’s Britain. Doctor Who at that time was not considered a “good show” in terms of the UK TV landscape. At best it was probably looked on by the general UK public as maybe Power Rangers was in the 90’s. Who was seen as children’s nonsense.

    Anyway I am talking shit and may have had a beer or four at this point.

    All I am saying is just do general Who episodes, the whole classic series is damn perilous as it is so different from what is now contemporary TV.

    Any way this whole email is bollocks.

    Sorry and Fuck you!


    • Erik says:

      Thanks for your comments. We’re going to be Treading Who Perilously again in March, but we’ll be starting with a Tread Safely episode. Additionally, we’ve selected a Tom Baker episode that was suggested by a listener because it actually is beloved by fans, but may not be as great as its reputation would have it.

      And personally, I (Erik) have a hard time actually finding any of the surviving Patrick Troughton stories as actually all that bad.

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