Tread Perilously — 30 Rock: Greenzo/Hiatus

Tread Perilously sets down at Rockefeller Center for two episodes of 30 Rock: “Greenzo” and “Hiatus.”

In “Greenzo,” David Schwimmer appears as a focus-group and NBC/Universal approved non-judgmental conservation mascot. But as will happen, the power goes to Schwimmer’s head. Meanwhile, Liz finds herself accepting another invitation to another of Kenneth’s lame parties. This time, though, Tracy spreads a rumor that T.I. is going to the party. Hilarity ensues and Liz vomits on a demon.

In “Hiatus,” Tracy’s attempt to evade the Black Crusaders leads him to Needmore, PA. There, he stays with Kenneth’s cousin Jesse, who has his own designs for Tracy. Meanwhile, Jack’s mother takes an immediate dislike to his fiancee. The situation leads to Jack having a heart attack. Also: Jason Sudeikis appears.

Sitcom Correspondent Paula Dixon joins Erik and Justin as Erik once again indulges in his disdain for David Schwimmer. Justin revels in his disinterest toward The Black Eyed Peas. Paula professes her admiration for Dot-Com, she also defends all Paulas working in the industry. Erik completely forgets about Josh. Paula discovers how hard it is to say “chlorofluorocarbon.” Erik proclaims that his sarcasm is sincere. And in a throwback Thursday to good and simple times, Erik and Justin tell Paula about covfefe.

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Tread Perilously — Deep Space Nine Special

Tread Perilously dispenses with its normal format and discusses Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in its entirety!

In honor of the conclusion of Justin’s Fanbase Press column, The Future Will Be Carpeted, Fanbase Press’ Barbra Dillon joins Erik and Justin to talk about the series. They cover its successes and pitfalls. They also reveal their relative Star Trek devotion statuses. Justin talks about his DS9 viewer’s guide while Barbra reveals she watched every episode. Erik chomps at the bit to make fun of Rick Berman. Favorite episodes and characters are named. One episode gets the wrong name.

The secret history of The Future Will Be Carpeted is revealed as Justin looks back on three-and-a-half years of rewatching Deep Space Nine. Barbra introduces a new appreciation for Ezri Dax. Justin preaches the truth of the Sisko. Erik discusses the layers of Gul Dukat. Garak gets his due. The group looks at how Avery Brooks becomes more comfortable the more he starts to look like himself. Erik also points out how Star Trek: The Next Generation was openly racist toward Bajorans.

Also: O’Brien Must Suffer.

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Tread Perilously — Gilmore Girls: The Long Morrow

Tread Perilously returns to Stars Hollow for the seventh season episode of Gilmore Girls, “The Long Morrow.”

Lorelai and Rory’s relationships head for the skids as the former sleeps with Christopher and Rory attempts to understand a present left for her by Logan. Meanwhile, Luke realizes it was probably a mistake to walk out on Lorelai and tries to repair their relationship. Babette’s panties end up in the laundry. Paris tries to remind Rory that clarification shall be the whole of the law. Lorelai attempts to compare her life with Luke to dangling from a bumper and listening to Green Day. Taylor’s attempt to bring a red light camera to town leads to disaster.

Gilmore Girls superfan Kat Carpenter joins Erik and Justin to explain away the seventh season of the show, her love of Lorelai and Rory and why she tolerates Luke. Kat’s origins in another timeline are discussed. Laundry room etiquette also gets defined. Kat also explains Luke’s logoless cap. Erik admits his love for Paris, but cannot remember Taylor’s name. Kat highlights the girls’ poor attitude toward exercise. She also resents the belaboring of unfunny jokes — both on Gilmore Girls and on Tread Perilously.

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Tread Perilously — The Flash: Duet

Tread Perilously finally meets the Fastest Man Alive with the musical episode of The Flash, “Duet.”

When the Music Meister mesmerizes Kara and Barry, they awake in a movie musical about crime, forbidden love and their own romantic misunderstandings. Back on Earth-1, Wally must work with Cisco and J’onn to bring an end to the Music Meister’s crime spree. As the musical unfolds, Kara and Barry learn a song and attempt to negotiate a truce between warring gang factions. The fact the gang leaders have incredible voices is neither here nor there. But will Iris and Mon-El find a way to awaken their estranged paramours before time runs out?

After digressing into conversation about The Flash in other episodes, Erik and Justin’s chance to talk about the show properly leads to digressions about Chuck Lorre, Man of Steel and The Transformers. They also discuss the Iris Problem and better ways to write Savitar. Justin remembers Captain Cold while Erik suggests Grodd as a season villain. Erik reveals why he loves Mon-El and discusses how it put him at odds with the Rotten Tomatoes readership. The overall problem with the romantic leads on The CW superhero shows gets highlighted and the pair examine the way musical episodes tend to be used in action shows.

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Tread Perilously — Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More, With Feeling

Tread Perilously’s musical month takes a sharp turn as they face the infamous musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Once More, With Feeling.”

An all singing, all dancing hell breaks loose when Xander unleashes an entertainment demon in Sunnydale. He and Anya involuntarily sing about their mutual cold feet. Buffy sings about how much she hates being ripped out of heaven. Giles sings about his doubts in Buffy’s abilities. Spike sings about dissatisfaction. Tara sings about Willow’s prowess. Dawn almost sings on a number of occasions. It all leads to the Bronze where the demon wants to marry Dawn for some reason and a “showstopping” number saves the day.

Fanbase Press’s Barbra Dillon joins Erik and Justin as Erik finds new ways to criticize Joss Whedon. Justin struggles to recap the light plot of the episode. All three attempt to break a better way to use musical tropes in the story. Barbra points out the worst note — literally — in the episode. Justin’s problems with relationships on Buffy leads to a discussion about TV’s tendency to break up successful couples. Whedon’s Wonder Woman script comes up several times. Justin takes a bold stance against ruffies. Barbra admits her Spuffy status and Erik admits he’s a Spangel. Justin unleashes his most terrifying creation yet: Hungarian Spiderman.

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Tread Perilously — Oz: Variety

Tread Perilously visits Emerald City with the musical episode Oz, “Variety.”

When the prison puts on a variety show, various inmates lives are drawn into the world of song. Omar resists a “performance enhancing” drug for the show. Said realizes his own power trip is akin to a narcotic. One the Aryan Nation guys gets his teeth examined — that’s not a euphemism. Sister Pete counsels an inmate and learns why the warden tolerates certain forms of violence. Ryan arranges for an informant to lose an arm and Fr. Mukada is horribly burned. Dominoes fall as Beecher arranges to visit Keller. Meanwhile, one other man wants to sing.

Erik gets charmed by Lee Tergesen and J.K. Simmons’ performance of “The Last Duet.” Justin explains some of the various factions and history of the Emerald City inside Oz. The discussion gets derailed to talk about Rita Moreno, The Karate Kid Part II and Twin Peak‘s Doug Milford. Sparta once again comes up. Erik takes a bold stance against tribalism. Erik and Justin discuss how the musical interludes fail to work in the structure of the show. Erik guesses a prison break and reveals his dislike of actor Kirk Acevedo.

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Tread Perilously — Xena Warrior Princess: The Bitter Suite

Tread Perilously wanders to the wild world of Xena: Warrior Princess with the third season musical episode “The Bitter Suite.”

Following the death of Xena’s child, Xena and Gabrielle are at odds. Calisto and Ares use the situation to goad one into killing the other. Instead, they find themselves in a music-filled world of high emotions. Ted Raimi shows up to sing about Gabrielle’s nakedness and Ares makes his case to Xena with a tango. Anubis also shows up to take a verse and Mr. Pickles returns to lead Xena to Castle Grayskull. But is this just all in Xena and Gabrielle’s minds? Will the powers of love and song overcome their animosity?

Justin realizes he watched far less Xena than he thought. Erik hopes to learn when Xena recognized its large lesbian fanbase, but instead learns of the Sword of Swords. Justin supports the merits of women kicking ass and explains why some men are terrified of it. Erik suggests that some men really want to be Spartans. Justin notes the 1990s make-up and hairstyles while Erik falls in love with the tone of Xena. He also learns that Xena and Gabrielle’s primary antagonist was a broadcast medium unwilling to recognize their love. The discussion leads to Dave Sim’s Cerebus the Aardvark and the revelation that men are dead inside.

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