Tread Perilously — Baywatch: Snake Eyes

tp1400-1“The Ballad of John D. Cort” continues as Tread Perilously heads back to the beach for an episode of Baywatch called “Snake Eyes.”

When John D. Cort invites Shauni and Eddie to an illegal casino aboard a rusting boat, he thinks it’s all in good fun. But when Eddie catches a streak of beginner’s luck and wins $2,000, he also catches the gold fever. Returning to the boat the next day, he gives it all back and signs a marker totaling three grand. Will he come clean to Shauni and the others? And will Cort figure out a way to bail out his hapless pal?

Erik and Justin try to determine Cort’s G.I. Joe codename. Eddie’s failures as a character leave them to question if it’s all a joke at actor Billy Warlock’s expense. Several TV shows get pitched thanks to Cort’s hijinks. The Full Peril film list continues to grow. Werner Herzog returns. Justin becomes the expert in a beach-focused Geography Corner. Erik explains why David Hasselhoff and Sharon Stone never shared the screen. Justin outlines what a date with John D. Cort would be like. He also finds something to like about Mitch. Comedian Brian Haley gets a special spotlight and Casino becomes the most important film recommendation of the last few weeks.

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Tread Perilously — The Librarians: And The Fables Of Doom

tp1400-1The final Patreon request of January takes Tread Perilously to an episode of The Librarians called “And The Fables of Doom.”

The Librarians make their way to the Pacific Northwest when a seemingly ordinary bridge accident leads to something decidedly out of the ordinary: a bridge troll. But the creature is just one aspect of a decidedly weird town where the sheriff is getting more wolfish by the day, Bo Beep has lost her sheep, and the mayor goes for his morning job sans tracksuit. Jenkins begins to suspect a certain magical object as the cause of the problems — will it absorb the other Librarians into its realm of stories?

Erik and Justin immediately get derailed by discussing Evangeline Lilly’s latest career move. They also laud Librarians stars Rebecca Romijn, John Larroquette, Lindy Booth and episode director Jonathan Frakes. Frank Miller gets raked over the coals for certain contributions to culture. The pair try to figure out The Librarians premise from the episode and their limited knowledge of the prior Librarian TV Movies. The connections to Leverage and Star Trek are discussed. Night Court is also referenced. Naturally, a Star Wars detour happens. Erik finds a place for The Librarians in the TV landscape and Merlin appears to say his famous Excalibur line.

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Tread Perilously — Lucifer: Sweet Kicks

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s next Patreon request leads to infernal Los Angeles for an early episode of Lucifer called “Sweet Kicks.”

Despite the possibility of becoming mortal, Lucifer Morningstar uses his connection to a new case as a means of ingratiating himself with the LAPD and becoming Decker’s partner. The case: a woman trampled to death after shots were fired at celebrity shoe designer Benny Choi’s latest fashion show (where Lucifer was a guest). Suspects include members of the Latin Kings and Asian Boys street gangs, but Decker’s gut and Lucifer’s ability to suss out desires make both options less likely. Is it really Choi’s old pal, recently released from prison for a crime Choi committed, or someone even closer to the shoemaker?

Justin cannot get over the fact the literal Devil is a character on this show. Erik expresses his love for the Lucifer comic book and his reservations about turning it into a Fox cop show. He also confuses Tim Matheson and Timothy Hutton. Justin finds himself tickled by the program’s revised premise. The “unreasonably sexy” quotient also helps. Decker gets diagnosed with Skyler White Syndrome. Erik’s knowledge about various Devils slips out. Original Tommy’s once again get thrown under the bus. Hilarious generic gang names lead to a wild discussion in the weeds and memories of The Warriors video game emerge.

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Tread Perilously — Max Headroom: Academy

tp1400-1This week’s Patreon request takes Tread Perilously 20 minutes into the future with an episode of Max Headroom called “Academy.”

When a group of zippers hijack the Network 23 signal one too many times, Bryce is charged with finding the miscreants so severe penalties can be brought against them. But already knowing the truth, he redirects the location trace to Blank Reg’s RV. He assumes the televised judicial system will soon drop the charges as it is clear Reg lacks the ability to zip the network, but a more obscure law makes Reg look guiltier than sin. Will Max and Edison Carter convince Bryce to come clean or will Reg end up reduced to discrete atoms?

Justin falls in love with the “twenty minutes into the future” tagline. Erik gets into the nitty-gritty of how Max came to be in reality and in the fiction of the series. Justin defends the cast of Super Mario Bros. He also picks fights with several public figures. Erik revels in the presence of W. Morgan Sheppard. The pair debate the “too much” elements of Twin Peaks‘s second season. Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Episode IX get re-litigated — well, a little bit, anyway. The “Max Headroom Incident” gets discussed and the ghost of F. Lee Bailey haunts the Tread Perilously virtual studio.

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Tread Perilously — Naomi: Who Am I?

tp1400-1Tread Perilously begins another month of Patreon requests, jokingly called “Total Request Live,” with the final episode of Naomi — “Who Am I?”

When a psychic vision of Naomi’s birth parents advise her to trust no one, her adoptive parents decide it’s time to leave Port Oswego. Unfortunately, their plan is derailed by Brutus’s two beefy goons, who also abduct all the other adults in Naomi’s life. Forced to reveal her powers to the few friends who still didn’t know the truth, the group plan to rescue the grownups and shut down Brutus’s portal from Earth-29. But will Naomi use the opportunity to visit her homeworld and confront Brutus?

Erik and Justin immediately get distracted and talk about anime. Kroger brand foods turn out to be the best of the store brands. Justin is convinced the episode writers used an autocomplete function to get through the script. He also recognizes Barry Watson among the cast. Erik suggests Nexstar’s infamous assumption about the median age of a CW viewer may be true. The orientations of some of the show’s love interests come into question. Stephanie March ends up adrift on screen. Justin names a member of the cast” handsome Robert Z’Dar.” Certain Neil Marshall movies are recommended and Erik invokes the spirit of Michael Dudikoff.

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Tread Perilously — Quantum Leap (2022): July 13th, 1985

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s new annual tradition — looking at a new NBC series with Special Review Unit Captain Charlie Wright — continues with the new Quantum Leap‘s first episode, “July 13th, 1985.”

Decades after Dr. Sam Beckett disappeared in the Quantum Leap accelerator, Dr. Ben Song repeats the experiment for reasons he withholds from his team and his fiancée. Waking up to a mirror image that is not his own, Ben finds himself in the body of a getaway driver in the mid 80s. Soon, his fiancée, Addison Augustine, appears to him in the form of a hologram only he can see or hear. Together, they try to put right what once when wrong in the hopes it will allow Ben to leap home.

The filmography of director Thor Freudenthal gets examined as it contains some Full Peril surprises. Justin attempts to pull the premises of both Quantum Leap shows together. Erik’s Uncle Junior leads to a running gag. Geography Corner centers on he LA locations failing to play Philadelphia. The name “Addison Augustine” proves a difficult addition to Quantum Leap lore. Erik calls out the new show for not using the old theme song. Charlie investigates the actor playing Addison Augustine. Other missing elements are addressed and Erik declares there are too many characters.

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Tread Perilously — Moonlighting: It’s A Wonderful Job

tp1400-1Tread Merrily 2022 concludes with a look at Moonlighting via an episode called “It’s a Wonderful Job.”

When Maddie loses her aunt and forces the team to work over Christmas, she wishes she’d never kept the detective agency open. Her guardian angel, Albert, obliges and the past two years change in remarkable ways. Ms. DiPesto runs a greeting card company with an iron fist. David is marrying Cheryl Tiegs. But Maddie soon finds their successes came at a cost and maybe, just maybe, it is a wonderful job at Blue Moon Detective Agency. But will an unlikely crossover change the fate of everyone involved?

Erik suddenly finds mid-1980s Cybill Shepherd really attractive. Justin ends up disappointed at the lack of Curtis Armstrong. The pair take a closer look at Bruce Willis than they intended, but Erik continues to champion Die Hard 2. The pronunciation of “Namor” gets settled. Eva Green is suspected of possessing The Darkhold. Erik admits to his lack of Warhammer 40,000 knowledge. Justin stumbles on the Hart to Hart moment. He also offers a brief Cobra Kai season four review. Moonlighting‘s unusual lighting scheme is explored and mid-80s styles once again prove to be the true villain.

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