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Some Thoughts on the Week that Was

So the last 7 days or so have been eventful and largely tragic. So, without any particular direction, here are some thoughts…. Ferguson, Missouri. Yet another unarmed young black man shot and killed, this time by a law enforcement officer. … Continue reading

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Not About Wine: No, Let’s Not Have A Conversation

I took a wine work junket with a colleague up to Paso Robles a few days ago and on our drive we decided that on certain important issues of our day it was important for people holding progressive views, those … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: Conflict of Interest

Jay Miller’s departure from The Wine Advocate was refreshing, not because it was in response to the scandal that preceded it but rather because of the almost complete lack of caring on the part of, well, anyone seriously involved in … Continue reading

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So after months of waiting, it was finally time for the San Diego Comic Con! I had only 2 goals going in this year: 1. get some good info for a videogame blog I’m going to be writing for soon … Continue reading

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Settle Down, Nerds

Here’s how nerdy I am: this last weekend, I played D&D on Saturday and Sunday and they weren’t even the same campaign. When something of concern to nerds rears its bespectacled head and roars with the fury of a thousand … Continue reading

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A Brief Civics Lesson

Food & Wine Thursdays will return in the near future. In the mean time, I have other things to be pissed off about. Hooray for Judge Vaughn Walker for his historic and important decision striking down Proposition 8 in California. … Continue reading

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Where Dat Webcomic? Cowboys & Aliens

I start this blog fully willing to be humbled. Please, find the comic for me. Explain to me why my suppositions are wrong. Tell me why I shouldn’t feel annoyed. Because right now? I kinda am. But I also am running on … Continue reading

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