Tread Perilously — Dr. Strange: Pilot

Tread Perilously concludes a month of failed TV pilots with 1978’s attempt to bring Dr. Strange to the small screen.

When a demon gives Morgan Le Fey (Jessica Walter) three days to prevent Dr. Stephen Strange (Peter Hooten) from learning the mystic arts, local sorcerer Lindmer (John Mills) realizes he must finally train the young psychology resident. At the Manhattan area hospital where he works, Strange must deal with cooky patients, a psych ward nurse dispersing too much medication, and the absentee head of the department. But when Clea Lake (Anne-Marie Martin) comes to the ward after becoming bewitched by Morgan, Strange learns about his special heritage. His nascent skills will be tested as Morgan offers him the chance to join her side and rule a dimension which happens to look like a Dio album cover.

Justin and Erik praise Dormammu for sitting this out. They also finally discuss Avengers: Infinity War. Justin calls Erik on his habit of showing people terrible movies and television. Erik praises anytime Jessica Walter finds herself in Led Zepplin-land. Justin tries to describe the terrible claymation demon in the pilot. He also points out the Hollywood executive fear of magic. Erik explains both the film Pumaman and why it’s sometimes called “Pyumamin.” Both note the attempt to make Wong (Clyde Kusatsu) a less egregious character and discuss the problem of classic comic book love interests. But will they declare Dr. Strange the worst failed pilot they watched?

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About Erik

Erik Amaya is the host of Tread Perilously and the former Head Film/TV writer at Bleeding Cool. He has also contributed to sites like CBR, Comics Alliance and Fanbase Press. He is also the voice of Puppet Tommy on "The Room Responds."
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