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Movin’ On Up.

This is a happy week for the missus and myself. We’re hitting the big leagues of Geekdom — sort of. You’ve heard of San Diego Comic-Con, right? I’ve written about it before, on several occasions. It’s the nerd convention that’s gotten so … Continue reading

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The Maturation of Comics Criticism

What makes a comic “good”? It’s a touchy question, isn’t it? Just recently it came up on the messageboards of The Webcomic List, where a gentleman wanted advice on examples of “good webcomics” for a school essay he was preparing. The … Continue reading

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Where Dat Webcomic? Cowboys & Aliens

I start this blog fully willing to be humbled. Please, find the comic for me. Explain to me why my suppositions are wrong. Tell me why I shouldn’t feel annoyed. Because right now? I kinda am. But I also am running on … Continue reading

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