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Lament Of An Out-Of-Shape Gamer

So I’m drawing 2011 to a close, and boy are my arms tired. I think I may have misappropiated that punchline. But it’s true. As of December 15th I got access to start playing The Old Republic MMO and have … Continue reading

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I Hate Our Freedom Too: C.E.S.

Louis now has a baby son, meaning we are, at least for the time being, denied his dulcet opinions on the world. I suppose that’s especially official now that his Tuesday time slot has been taken over by new blood. … Continue reading

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This Is Red Five, I’m Goin’ (Back) In

Dammit. I was strong. I was cynical. I scoffed at all my friends who had such high hopes for The Old Republic. I even wrote an article bewailing Bioware’s trite adherence to the same old model of level grinding and … Continue reading

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