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In the Valley of the Jedi

Much like Kyle Katarn, my connection to Star Wars was severed rather completely for a long while. Unlike Katarn, it was not due to fighting low-rent Full Motion Video villains or even a traumatic tale of prequel woe. Really, my … Continue reading

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New Satellite Show Episode 24: A Restaurant Within a Restaurant

The Satellite Show celebrates its second year of podcasting with recollections of the 80s, televangelists and siscon. Wait, really? We’re talking about siscon? Elsha and Dave make their show debuts as we also acknowledge a Star Wars movie is coming … Continue reading

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New Satellite Show Episode 22: Oh Jeez

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Satellite Show will be at Long Beach Comic Expo with a presentation entitled “What is Yakmala?” at 3:30 PM on March 1st in Room SB4. Don’t miss it! EPISODE: With both our legal counsel and scientific advisory in … Continue reading

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Rules of Writing: The Big Red Button

Not long ago, I watched The Cabin in the Woods for the first time. It came highly recommended, with both friends and critics (and critical friends) praising its innovative deconstruction of survival horror tropes. And, for the most part, that’s … Continue reading

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Yulemala: The Star Wars Holiday Special

With the weather cooling, the space heaters out, and the appearance of Christmas lights on houses, it’s beginning to look a lot like Yulemala. What’s Yulemala you might ask? It’s holiday themed Yakmala. Films that try, fail, and warm my … Continue reading

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A Father’s Dilemma

My son told me something very shocking that I’m having a hard time processing.  I’ve tried to be open minded in what I allow him to be exposed to, to not live in fear that he would embrace that which … Continue reading

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Parents: Talk To Your Kids About Dagobah

Overanalyzing our favorite movies is a cherished hobby amongst nerds. We’ll of course pick apart the stuff we hate, and that’s probably understandable to the average person… but less comprehensible is the tendency to dig into the flaws of that … Continue reading

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