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Great RPG Systems: Champions

Now if you’re nerd enough to have heard of the Hero System, you may already be questioning my sanity in including it on the plus side of my “Let’s Pretend” equations, particularly when I was so rough on Leading Edge Games … Continue reading

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Not-so-Great RPG Systems: Leading Edge Games

Ever heard of the Aliens RPG? No? How about Living Steel? Phoenix Command? They all operated on a system devised by their parent company, Leading Edge Games. After LEG went out of business, its founders went back to jobs as rocket scientists. … Continue reading

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The RPG Experience, and Why System Matters

First off, let’s just clarify that when I say RPG experience, I don’t mean the kind that ends in a very bad day for your Black Hawk helicopter. In this case, much like in the blog I wrote a few … Continue reading

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