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Tread Perilously — Robotech: Phantasm/Farewell, Big Brother

Tread Perilously finally boards the SDF-1 for a couple of episodes of the fondly remembered 1980s syndicated animated series Robotech, but will our host find horror in the 31-year-old show? When Rick Hunter is shot down (for the first time), … Continue reading

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The Innocence of Advertising

I’ll admit. I can often be Eben Oldish, the Porch Watcher. Case in point, commercials for toys were less sinister when I was a lad. Observe this sequence of ads for Star Wars toys from the mid 1980s: The ads … Continue reading

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As Roy Fokker Lay Dying

For people of a certain age, it was a pivotal moment in their television childhoods. In the previous episode, Rick Hunter had a fever dream/clip show which illustrated to him the problems of Minmay. Once recovered, Roy Fokker comes to … Continue reading

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