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Food & Wine Thursdays: Local Food, Global Wine

San Francisco Chronicle Food Editor Michael Bauer has an interesting post on his blog today about the trend in new restaurants toward offering small, compact food menus and small, compact closely-curated wine lists that change frequently. But, Bauer notices, while … Continue reading

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Not About Nerds. Wait, Yes it is. And Food. So there.

Every so often David has his “Not About Wine” posts where he expresses his opinions on non-culinary topics. After all, man cannot live on food and drink alone– though come to think of it, that’s a pretty good start so … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: Remembrances of Crappy Service Past

I recently dined at a local favorite of mine here in Los Angeles. I won’t name names because I do like the restaurant and plan to return. It’s a restaurant, in fact, whose service I’ve defended to others in the … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: On Cynical Restaurants

I was out to dinner with a few friends last week at an excellent new neighborhood restaurant in Echo Park and I mentioned how much I appreciated its honesty and heart and remarked that Los Angeles had too many “cynical … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: In The Spirit of Giving, Please Pay Your Bills

(Note: This article deals with aspects of the wholesale wine business in California. Every state has its own unique laws and regulations regarding alcohol sales. I’d be interested in hearing the experiences of wholesalers in different states regarding this same … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: Hey Man, Nice Concept!

I was at one of my favorite restaurants in Downtown LA last night. It’s a lovely space. They make very good food–let’s call it “New American”–and hand-crafted cocktails inspired by the classics, not to mention an excellent, small, geeky global … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: Harris Ranch Steakhouse?

A while back I read this list of the nation’s Top 100 Independent Restaurants (by estimated gross sales). Most of the list isn’t surprising; many of the restaurants are in either New York City or Las Vegas, including the mind-boggling … Continue reading

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