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Last Stand of the Common Man

I found this attached to a gas station stall sometime in 2008 either in Kettleman City or Coalinga or one of the other odd dozen outposts on the side of Interstate 5 through California’s central valley. Admittedly, these are rough … Continue reading

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Too Many Men

Fair warning, this is going to be a political post. I generally keep that shit off the Show and the Show blog, but I’m riled up today. Pop Culture errata will resume next week. I’ve been watching the #YesAllWomen movement … Continue reading

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Not About Wine: No, Let’s Not Have A Conversation

I took a wine work junket with a colleague up to Paso Robles a few days ago and on our drive we decided that on certain important issues of our day it was important for people holding progressive views, those … Continue reading

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On Forced Narrative in Journalism

Something I’ve written about before and have been a long-time critic of is the problem of wine writers forcing a narrative or inducing a conflict where one does not exist in the wine world. Minor regulatory disputes become a massive … Continue reading

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The American President Meets the Tea Party

Well, Congress passed the debt ceiling deal and the spending cuts, and contrary to a suggestion I made on my blog, President Obama signed the debt ceiling bill.   I’m disappointed.  I wish the Democrats and the President had put up more … Continue reading

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The Rally for Sanity

First, a few quick thoughts from Tuesday’s election to ground some stuff in reasonable-ness and my own liberal bias…. 1. How many “Tea Party” candidates actually won? That is to say, how many candidates from the Tea Party insurgency as … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on 9-11 that will make some folks angry

Hi Satellite Show readers.  I just did this post on my own blog, “Great” Thoughts, and I thought I’d share it here well.  This is the first September 11 since I started “Great” Thoughts.  I remember the day nine years … Continue reading

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