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Tread Perilously — 7th Heaven: Red Socks

Tread Perilously begins a month of musicals — good and bad — with a return to Glenoak and 7th Heaven for “Red Socks.” Love is sweeping the country as the Camdens tackle romantic foibles via song. Rev. Camden and Annie … Continue reading

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The All-Singing All-Dancing Crap of the World

In 2002, a craze swept America. Everywhere, people could speak of only one thing in the hushed tones of wonder. On every pair of lips was a single name, repeated over and over until the syllables lost all meaning: “Dunkleman.” … Continue reading

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More About Musicals

I’ve gone on record before as stating I enjoy a good musical more than any straight man probably should, even though I made my case last week for why the art form exists, and why–particularly where movie musicals are concerned–it … Continue reading

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What Makes a Musical?

Time for another brief post this week as I prepare to open the Stallone Diary once again and examine the Comedies. Yes, it’s going to hurt. But before all that, I want to talk a bit about the musical because … Continue reading

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