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My Favorite Movies of 2010

We’re still in the midst of holiday whatnot, so I don’t have much time to put together something in depth about the continuing moral decay of modern wine criticism–so here’s some shit about movies, a topic on which I’m by … Continue reading

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I Like Robert Rodriguez

When I started writing this piece I thought about titling it with some more poignant analysis, like, “Is Robert Rodriguez the new John Carpenter?”. I remember when Erik came back from his viewing of Grindhouse, and the first thing he was asked … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Machete or; Is It Time for a Mainstream NC-17 Rating?

Unlike the vast majority (all?) of my colleagues here at The Satellite Show, I don’t routinely see movies in the theatre. Mostly because I live in Downtown LA where the only first-run movie theatre is buried in the massive ocular-rape … Continue reading

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