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Better Late Than Never: The Sixth Sense

Over the years there have been culture phenomena I’ve avoided for various reasons. It could be as fickle as my mood, the presence of Eric Robert’s Ugly Sister (or ERUS, as Justin coined), or the fact that I just missed … Continue reading

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The trailer was ridiculous. Five people trapped in an elevator. One of them is a killer, and possibly also Satan. With the shaky premise and vaguely recognizable faces, it looks like the kind of straight-to-DVD horror flick you watch on … Continue reading

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I warned you kids! (Airbender Movie Redux)

That’s right, I warned ya! Warned ya ’till I was blue in the face, but ya just had ta take yourselves up ta Old Man Shyamalan’s house anyhow, didn’t ya? And now, you’ll never forget the horror… never forget those lost … Continue reading

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