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Tread Perilously — Girls: Episodes 1-3

Tread Perilously moves into the uncharted realm of premium cable television with a look at the first three episodes of Girls. Erik and Justin witness as writer/director/creator Lena Dunham works out her characters and possibly a few personal issues as characters find … Continue reading

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New Satellite Show Episode 19: Into Darkness

Between the return of Rene Montoya as the Question, Louis’s beef with Lean Dunham, Dante’s confusion on why people hate Lena Dunham and She-Hulk is the wormhole from which Christopher Nolan hides, fearful of both comedy and Star Wars. The … Continue reading

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Not About Wine: Encomium of “Girls”

With the addition of a more-or-less reliable AppleTV interface now, I’ve been delving pretty deeply into HBOGo and getting caught up on some current and not-so-current HBO programming that I’ve never watched before. While it’s no Deadwood, I now admit that … Continue reading

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