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A Brief History of Thanksgiving

So I was reading about the exact origins of our American Thanksgiving holiday, as I’m wont to do on a Tuesday afternoon while waiting to get my teeth cleaned, and found myself wholly enlightened. As much as we mythologize the … Continue reading

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What’s that saying about history, doom and repeating?

No food & wine post again this week. If you want to read something about wine, you can check out my latest over at The Huffington Post. My senior year in college I took a history class called “Germany in … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thusdays: Perception and a Haphazard History of American Wine

California came into its position as America’s top wine-producing state largely by accident and luck. A tiny little aphid called phylloxera is native to the United States and, until the late 1800’s, was native only to the eastern half of … Continue reading

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