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Now Fear This: Cast a Deadly Spell

There was a time before HBO was known for its original programming. The first shows they did try were hardly the critical juggernauts and audience darlings of today, either. Tales From the Crypt might have enthralled a young Captain Supermarket, … Continue reading

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Not About Wine: Encomium of “Girls”

With the addition of a more-or-less reliable AppleTV interface now, I’ve been delving pretty deeply into HBOGo and getting caught up on some current and not-so-current HBO programming that I’ve never watched before. While it’s no Deadwood, I now admit that … Continue reading

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Not About Wine: Why I Hate The Newsroom, But Can’t Stop Watching It

In high school, my AP History teacher made a comment that still sticks with me: “we don’t deal in counterfactual historiography.” What he meant was that it is silly to speculate on what might have happened in history, that reinterpreting … Continue reading

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