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Yakamala: The Spirit

The quickest way to get clicks on the internet is to say something blatantly stupid. This is why we have lately been suffering through a wave of revisionist film criticism in which rightly reviled movies get reassessed and we learn … Continue reading

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New Satellite Show Episode 11: The Goddamn Girl Scouts

In an episode dedicated to writer, artist and filmmaker Frank Miller, the Panel discusses the recently released “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” trailer and “300: The Rise of Empire.” Inevitably, discussing Miller means talking about Zack Snyder; luckily, … Continue reading

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Frankly Speaking

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an aficionado of comics.  I had a phase where I collected the GI Joe comics from Marvel.  I’ve hung out with the likes of Clint and Justin all my life so … Continue reading

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Frank Miller’s… Does It Matter?

Ah, Frank Miller. Comic book legend. Artist, author, Fallen Lord. Somewhere along the line, Frank Miller’s brain sank into his neo-noir world of Sin City, slipping under as surely and irrevocably as the bodies and evidence plopped into its tar pits by its … Continue reading

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The Fallen Lords of the ’80s

The other day I finally got around to watching the recent animated production of Beowulf, a film Dawn has despised since she first saw it. While I still don’t quite share her rage over it (since I believe said rage burns … Continue reading

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