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The Hophead’s Lament

Reefer Madness is the gold standard of Depression-era anti-drug hysteria. In the years since its debut, it has become an unintentional cult classic. Combining a grade-schooler’s understanding of marijuana with delightfully unhinged performances, it casts pot as a demon weed … Continue reading

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Very Special Blossom: The Joint

It all comes down to something very, very simple: William Randolph Hearst owned timberlands. The land, not the footwear. He used them to make paper, and then filled that paper up with whatever insane thoughts he had in that moment … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Danced With a Sheen in the Pale Moonlight?

So, you can’t swing a dead bag of cocaine in this town without hitting some story about Charlie Sheen and his drug problems. Well, I don’t know if “problems” is the right word, because he sure as hell doesn’t see … Continue reading

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