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Food & Wine Thurdays: Stop It! You’re Hurting Wine!

I’ve wasted a lot of words being critical of mainstream wine writing, but the latest wrinkle to invoke my disdain is this peculiar assertion that there are two fundamentally opposed groups of wine drinkers who feel compelled to waste time … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thusdays: Perception and a Haphazard History of American Wine

California came into its position as America’s top wine-producing state largely by accident and luck. A tiny little aphid called phylloxera is native to the United States and, until the late 1800’s, was native only to the eastern half of … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: The Wines of Summer

It’s summer time and the living is easy; and if you think Brad Nowell wrote that lyric, expect a pair of balls on your forehead sometime in your sleep. You won’t know it happened except for an odd feeling of … Continue reading

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The End of an Empire, or, Why You Should Love Curling

Another Winter Olympics season, another reason for the return of Winter Olympics Buffy (yours truly) and her obsessive sports rants. While everyone is flipping out over the ballerinas of figure skating, the blood-lust of hockey and the daredevils of the … Continue reading

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