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Tread Perilously — Beverly Hills, 90210: The Nature of Nurture

Tread Perilously makes a course-correction to the 1990s with the Fox primetime soap Beverly Hills, 90210 and its latter-day episode, “The Nature of Nurture.” Kelly (Jennie Garth) looses her cool when the semi-orphaned child she brought to child protective services … Continue reading

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New Satellite Show Episode 14: Superman Meets Popeye’s

A special edition of the Satellite Show as the Panel of Experts obsesses over the film “Man of Steel” and related comic book movie topics. Erik tries to argue that the old DC/Marvel rivalry does not scale up to Warner … Continue reading

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John Carter: Who are they (still) selling this to?

It’s coming up on the one-year anniversary of my rant about the marketing for the Thor movie, and how I felt the poster campaigns, at least, were falling short of the mark. It seemed like the studio just really had no … Continue reading

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In the Hyperreal Museum, some exhibits are better than others.

Disney has long been known as the pioneer and perfecter of fake environments and manufactured adventure.  Why would you want to risk your life and delicate sensibilities floating down the Amazon, or the African Veldt just slightly downstream, when you … Continue reading

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