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Con Life

My past two weekends have been spent in big echoey rooms, sitting in cold spots that could only be caused by an extremely angry ghost, making small talk with total strangers, trying to convince them that in a shitty economy, … Continue reading

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Panelists at Long Beach Comic-Con

Several Satellite Show panelists will be at Long Beach Comic and Horror Con tomorrow and Sunday. Clint and Dawn Wolf, the creators of Zombie Ranch and frequent panelists on the podcast, will be at table AA #1907. They will have … Continue reading

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WonderCon Returns to the Southland — For Good?

I can’t remember if I brought up the topic here or on my other blog, but the comic convention scene in the Los Angeles area still is in the midst of… sorting itself out. It’s in flux. Would I call it royally fluxed? … Continue reading

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Geek Gatherings In Con-flict.

I’ve been noticing that Southern California seems to be getting a bit crowded this year in terms of pop-culture conventions. My theories on the phenomenon range from people hoping to capture the overflow crowds who couldn’t get into San Diego … Continue reading

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The Granito Bandito, or How Not To Pad Your Comics Resume

I know, I know, I said I’d be getting back to the Low-Rez Recollections this week. You’re palpably, viscerally disappointed in my fraudulent claims. But sometimes, I just need to stop the presses and let a master take the spotlight. Now it’s … Continue reading

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