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The Wild World of Video (01/31/12)

I may have mentioned Jawa Pimp before. He appeared at the first Comic-Con Masquerade Clint and Justin convinced me to go to. It is everything I love and hate about costuming all at once.

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Stop the Comic-Con Hard Sell

Ever shopped for a used car? I’ve done so three times now in my life, and each time absolutely dreaded the experience. No matter how (seemingly) friendly the salesman, you could smell the desperation to make a sale coming off … Continue reading

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Is The Geek Bubble Ready to Burst?

The decade beginning this millennium will be known as The Era of the Nerd. No really, this is exactly how historians will label it. Oh, what, you’ve got a better idea? You think there’s something more significant to describe the zeitgeist of … Continue reading

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