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Food & Wine Thursdays: Argentina, On Beyond Malbec

I’ve already written about Malbec on this blog, but I thought it was a topic big enough to re-address. I apologize to my regular reader(s?) if I repeat myself excessively. In the last couple years the grape Malbec has become … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: What Happened to California Cabernet?

My parents have long been wine enthusiasts. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of being dragged to tasting rooms on family camping trips in Napa or the Sierra Foothills. They have an extensive collection of small production California wines … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: What’s in a Year?

The mainstream Wine Press has been abuzz with how great both the 2007 Napa Cabernet vintage and the 2009 Beaujolais vintage in France has been. Writers are calling both perhaps the best vintage in a decade or at least in … Continue reading

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