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Bioware in 2012: The End is Nigh?

Various Show personnel, yours truly included, have sung the praises of one software developer over and over. Bioware. For over two decades, producers of amazing games. Risk-taking pioneers, talented, brilliant people who almost never failed to leave you satisfied with … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of Morality in Gaming

Are you sick of me talking about The Old Republic yet? Well, for better or worse, it’s providing the inspiration for another column, though I hope the topic itself is going to be a little bit more generally interesting. It’s … Continue reading

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This Is Red Five, I’m Goin’ (Back) In

Dammit. I was strong. I was cynical. I scoffed at all my friends who had such high hopes for The Old Republic. I even wrote an article bewailing Bioware’s trite adherence to the same old model of level grinding and … Continue reading

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CRPGS: The Underground Railroad

Today’s entry is inspired by a Stolen Pixels cartoon from The Escapist. Ever heard the old Heaven/Hell joke involving European nationalities? Heaven is where the police are British, the chefs Italian, the mechanics German, the lovers French, and it’s all … Continue reading

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