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Food & Wine Thursdays: Beer is Beer. Wine is Wine. Both Are Good.

I love beer. Beer is delicious. Beer is refreshing, interesting and sometimes complex and serious. But beer is not wine. I’m not saying wine is better than beer, merely that they are distinctly different. I say this only because in … Continue reading

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Oh When a Rival Evil Team Leader Comes Along: A Review of “Whip It”

So the wife and I saw a roller derby game for the first time a couple weeks ago, Battle of the Bank III, in which our own San Diego Derby Dolls won the championship.  Naturally, roller derby is now the … Continue reading

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Nippon Travelogue Part Two: Bully

Since I rambled on and on about Lost for two weeks, and because of recent attacks of insomnia, this episode is going to be a short one. I won’t give you the minute by minute details about our stay in … Continue reading

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