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My Thoughts on Machete or; Is It Time for a Mainstream NC-17 Rating?

Unlike the vast majority (all?) of my colleagues here at The Satellite Show, I don’t routinely see movies in the theatre. Mostly because I live in Downtown LA where the only first-run movie theatre is buried in the massive ocular-rape … Continue reading

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Pixelated Platformer Purity: LIMBO

We find ourselves in a day and age of near-photorealistic 3d graphics and complex, multi-pathed storylines in our video games. Even the venerable Mario has come a long way from his 8-bit, side scroller roots, now serving up entire Galaxies for our … Continue reading

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Wild World of Video for April 5th, 2010

As I’m still recovering from going to WonderCon for CBR, the last of the Special Review Unit Top Five will have to wait until next week. Instead, I’m going to briefly talk about what I think is the greatest commercial … Continue reading

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