Tread Perilously — My So-Called Life: Halloween

tp1400-1Tread Perilously begins a month of Halloween episodes with a look at My So-Called Life‘s “Halloween.”

Although discouraged in her own mind to wear a costume at school, Angela Chase ends up dressed a teen from 1963 — the same year Nicky Driscoll supposedly died while trying to hang something from the rafters in the gym. Inspired by the story, Rayanne Graff convinces everybody (and Tino) to meet up at the school and do some sort of prank in Driscoll’s honor. But when Tino fails to appear, she, Angela, and Brian Krakow invade the school anyway. And once inside, Angela comes face-to-face with Nicky Driscoll.

Justin wants to know more about Tino. Erik’s dislike of Brian Krakow and Jordan Catalano re-emerges. He also admits to dating someone a lot like Rayanne Graff. Geography Corner centers on photogenic Los Angeles area high schools. Justin recognizes Lindsay Sloane in a small role. The pair also try to get back into 1990s speech patterns. Justin reveals an unlikely character as his favorite. Erik’s habit of low-effort Halloween costumes comes up again. Justin tries to make sense of Brian Krakow. Both devise a new suburban thriller film for Claire Danes and the pushback against genuine emotions in the era gets examined or, like, something.

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Tread Perilously — Star Trek Strange New Worlds: The Elysian Kingdom

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s annual Star Trek month concludes with the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode “The Elysian Kingdom” — the lowest rated hour according to IMDb.

While analyzing a nebula, the Enterprise becomes stuck and its crew re-assembled as characters from a fairy tale Dr. M’Benga reads to his daughter. Recast as the King from the story — but still cognizant of who he really is — M’Benga soon encounters Captain Pike as the cowardly chamberlain, Spock as an evil Wizard, Lt. Ortegas as the faithful knight, Lt. Noonien-Singh as the flighty, but friendly princess of a nearby realm, and Cadet Uhura as the wicked queen. Will M’Benga sort out why this is happening and why Chief Engineer Hemmer also maintains his sense of self?

Erik ends up high on a vaccine reaction while Justin takes advantage of the situation via a joke well past its freshness date. Both also gush about the series, their favorite of modern Star Trek. A Sons of Anarchy detour also occurs. Erik learns a new term and works very hard to remember the name “Lawrence Tierney.” Geography Corner turns into an inspection of LA-area revival theater restrooms. Pike’s would-be smugness and excitement to be in space are examined. The problem of prestige TV comes up and the pair weep once more for Boromir.

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Tread Perilously — Star Trek Prodigy: Starstruck

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s Star Trek month continues with a first look at Star Trek: Prodigy via its first regular-length episode, “Starstruck.”

When Dal and the others flee their captivity aboard a Federation starship, they are quickly introduced to the Training Hologram with the voice and appearance of Admiral Kathryn Janeway. The hologram surmises they must be cadets and attempts to teach them about the U.S.S. Protostar, their newly acquired vessel, but Dal insists he is the captain and knows best. Meanwhile, Gwyn ends up in the brig and Zero tries to find a bunkmate while Rok and Jankom Pog learn about the food replicator.

Justin and Erik compare the episode of Battlestar Galactica‘s “33” — both in joking and serious ways. Erik’s Kate Mulgrew impression gets a workout and a new purpose. Justin introduces a new dinosaur-themed sitcom. Both attempt to get into Prodigy‘s kid-focused mindset, but also end up talking about Gene Roddenberry. The problem of Dal as the lead character is also discussed. Other characters prove to be fast favorites, though. A Quantum Leap detour occurs. The possibilities of Prodigy prove inviting. Justin calls out a certain trope among villains. Brig scenes also turn out to be a trope and one flaw in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is introduced.

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Tread Perilously — Star Trek Lower Decks: Veritas

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s Star Trek month continues with a look at the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode “Veritas.”

The Lower Deckers find themselves guests of a lizard-like alien attempting to ascertain the truth about the Cerritos‘s recent mission. Each ensign can only speak to their experiences — which include Mariner and Boimler sneaking back onto the bridge and making some bad calls, Tendi becoming “the cleaner,” and Rutherford half-experiencing a Gorn wedding. Will their scraps of stories lead to a satisfactory answer for the alien? Or will the actual truth of their deposition lead to something far weird than they expect?

Justin’s second run-in with Lower Decks goes slightly better than his first, but Erik is uninterested in changing his opinion. Instead, they attempt to find the veritas in the Don’t Worry Darling press debacle. Chris Pine goes up in rank on the Chris list. Erik discusses the rigors of film festivals. Justin reveals his dislike of Jack Quaid. Second generation actors are, of course, discussed. Gerd Shockley celebrates his birthday (sort of). Erik argues that people have forgotten what a truly stoned person looks like. Justin admits he worries about his friends and the “dumb reasoning” of California Class spaceships proves impressive.

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Tread Perilously — Star Trek Picard: Monsters

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s month of modern Star Trek continues with the lowest rated episode of Star Trek: Picard, “Monsters.”

After being hit with a car by Noonian Soong’s ancestor, Jean-Luc Picard’s mind gets lost in his robot body and it is up to Tallinn to find him within the inner recesses of his consciousness. Meanwhile, Picard takes an hour of therapy with a familiar-looking Starfleet counselor. Will their discussion shed any light on Picard’s attachment issues? And back in the real world, Seven and Raffi try to find the semi-assimilated Dr. Jurtati — who will soon become the Borg Queen — and Rios debates letting his new friends know that he is from the future.

Justin attempts to construct a more accurate representation of Picard’s mind. Jay Karnes makes a welcome appearance. Erik’s disappointment in this episode of Picard is palpable. The pair make an unplanned detour to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Erik also veers into a discussion of Stanley Kubrick. Jeri Ryan once again proves to be MVP. The episode’s structure gets criticized despite Justin feeling the pace was on point. Patrick Stewart’s age earns a comment. Stereotypical liquors are discussed and Justin offers the most extended sports metaphor ever used on Tread Perilously.

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Tread Perilously — Star Trek Discovery: All Is Possible

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s annual Star Trek month begins with a look in on Star Trek: Discovery and its fourth season episode “All is Possible.”

While the threat of the DMA looms, Discovery orbits Ni’Var ahead of the planet’s return to the Federation. But as Captain Michael Burnham soon learns, the accord is in jeopardy. Will she be able to maneuver people and assets to save the Federation’s most important political negotiation in over a hundred years? Meanwhile, Lt. Tilly helps out Starfleet Academy by taking some trainees on a team-building exercise, but it proves to be more than she expects when their shuttle crash-lands on an ice planet.

Erik explains his plan for an all Kurtzman Era Star Trek month. He also blames Bryan Fuller for some of Discovery‘s shortcomings. Justin reveals this episode broke his appreciation of the series. The lack of detail regarding Burnham’s interests and hobbies proves to be a problem. Saru and Tilly continue to be favorite characters while the rest of the crew continue to be unknowable. Book’s story is criticized while Tilly’s drives Justin to distraction. Ni’Var president T’Rina and Saru, however, still prove charming. The cultural imperialism of the Federation is examined and Erik briefly imagines Dustin Hoffman in Death Wish.

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Tread Perilously — Misfits of Science: Against All Oz

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s summer Patreon request month comes to its conclusion with the Misfits of Science episode called “Against All Oz.”

When Hayes wakes up from a dream, he finds the lab has changed and that El is now in charge of the project — building a better nuclear bomb! But as Hayes roams the facility telling people about their role in his dream, it becomes clear this is all a framing device for a way-too-soon clip show. Will it prove Misfits of Science deserved a second season or will it underscore a rare correct choice from NBC? Also, will Hayes learn which reality is the dream?

Justin quickly notes that the episode features two of the worst aspects of 1980s television. Erik adds that it features one of the worst tropes in genre television: what if the premise isn’t the premise? Justin recalls the reason his family disliked Courteney Cox in the late ’80s. 1990s animated superhero shows get surveyed. Miami Connection ends up highly recommended. Erik offers some surprising praise to Skyfall. The problem of telekinesis on television is explored. Alf makes a surprise appearance. Erik recasts The Flash with two WarGames actors and the pair suggest a different ending for Twin Peaks.

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