Tread Perilously: Special Review Unit — Cage

Tread Perilously once again opens the case files of the Special Review Unit to look back at the Elliot Stabler years of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit with an episode called “Cage.”

When Manhattan SVU detectives are called to the scene in which two children survived their van crashing into the river, they discover the kids have severe reactive detachment disorder. The boy stabs Detective Elliot Stabler with a pen, but Detective Dani Beck finds herself bonding with the little girl (special guest star Elle Fanning). Soon, they discover the seedy underworld of private adoption agencies, large foster care homes, and the terrifying notion of a rebirthing ceremony. Will Dani be able to help the little girl or will she be caught up in the child’s nightmare?

Captain Charlie Wright returns to discuss an episode she’s never seen. She, along with Erik and Justin, consider the ravages of time and the acting of a young Elle Fanning. Justin tries to convince the others that the Ohio accent is the other “neutral” American accent. The group discusses the benefit of swaddling for children, pets and adults. Justin’s infatuation with Christopher Meloni goes into overdrive. Erik’s speech impediments get the better of him when he tries to say “Detective Dani Beck” and Charlie learns about the Snowbank Killer.

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Tread Perilously — Tequila and Bonetti: Reel Life

Tread Perilously returns to the South Coast for the most “normal” episode of Tequila and Bonetti yet: “Reel Life.”

Despite a rash of gangland slayings, Captain Midian Knight reassigns visiting Detective Nico Bonetti to supervise top film star Chad Rydell on a ride-along. When Bonetti tries to weasel out of it, he gets threaten repeatedly with traffic duty. Rydell turns out to be an amalgam of every Southern California stereotype except a surfer dude. But he’s convinced he can learn to be a real cop by imitating Bonetti’s looks and manner. Will it lead to his downfall when the pair get close to the gangland killer?

Special Review Unit’s executive ADA Louis Allred joins Erik and Justin for the latest trip to South Coast. He discusses the terrible quality to Tequila’s dubbing. Justin champions guest character Ursula as the pride of Latveria. Erik marvels at the lack of a Bonetti cooking scene. Seth Rogen ends up on the hot seat. Sgt. Nuzo gets the spotlight thanks to his belief in RoboCop. Justin’s love of neon tubes is reignited thanks to a set featured in this episode and all three learn about the importance of autogyros at Coachella.

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Tread Perilously — Supertrain: The Queen And The Improbable Knight

Tread Perilously takes another trip aboard Supertrain with the episode called “The Queen And The Improbable Knight.”

When travel writer Barney Sweet (Paul Sand) settles in for a trip on Supertrain, he meets Ali (Mary Louise Weller), a perfectly delightful unemployed teacher who is way, way out of his league. But after a night spent dancing in the disco car, Ali vanishes — replaced by Alison, a woman who claims to have never met Barney. Soon, the Supertrain staff find themselves fielding his frantic claims that trouble is afoot. Will a contingent of representatives from Montenegro joining the train in Denver have something to do with it?

Justin declares his intention to become the Trivial Time Travel while he and Erik go on a journey to discover the truth about Paul Sand. Justin rates the attractiveness of 1970s male television leads. He also rates the best coach characters in cinema. The pair disagree on the intended tone of the episode. Erik feels “seen” when Barney reveals several too true things about writers. His amateur anthropology studies once again invade the discussion. The shocking lack of Latverian accents leads to a discussion of guest stars Kenneth Mars and Micheal V. Gazzo, and John Adams ends up on the hot seat.

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Tread Perilously — Manimal: High Stakes

Tread Perilously returns to one of its favorite terrible shows, Manimal, with the episode called “High Stakes.”

When Manimal and Black Partner head out to Aqueduct, their day at the races is disturbed by a faulty parachute and a horse owner who is convinced the winning thoroughbred of a high stakes race is the same horse kidnapped from her ranch a couple of years prior. Manimal gets on the case and enters the high stakes world of horse racing and studding. But he does not get studded himself when he turns into a horse to save the rancher and Black Partner from high stakes peril.

Erik and Justin try to define a real “dark past” versus the one Manimal claims. They also complain, once again, that setting the series in New York is silly. Erik confuses “the sport of kings.” He also has a hard time remembering a horse called “Papa’s Lad.” Justin champions the film Drop Zone. He also plans to name a horse “Sex Machine.” The pair note that it is really easy for rich people to get into human trafficking. Justin calls out the way the writers positioned Black Partner in this episode and both try to determine Andrew McCarthy’s best film.

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Tread Perilously — Step By Step: Double Date

Tread Perilously rounds out TGIF month with a look at the sitcom Step by Step, its pilot, and the second season episode “Double Date.”

When Carol volunteers Karen for a date with a new kid in town, Karen freaks out as it will upset her score in the Most Perfect Couple contest. The new kid, surprisingly, does not shoot up the school when she tries to wriggle out of the date. Meanwhile, Frank and the other kids try to install an after-market security system in Cody’s van.

Erik declares Sasha Mitchell as the series’s MVP. Justin praises Staci Keanan. The pair also declare that Step by Step is, indeed, a sitcom, but also point out the sort of plots one would expect to see from a sitcom episode called “Double Date.” Erik advocates for Jurassic Park to be taught in schools. Justin highlights a nerdy character who may or may not be the high school student body president. Erik and Justin pitch an alternate sitcom called “Rivals.” Patrick Duffy turns out to deliver the worst performance, Geography Corner invades the discussion thanks to Step By Step‘s exterior shots and Justin picks a new “Best of TGIF” series.

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Tread Perilously — Family Matters: Cheers Looking At You, Kid

Tread Perilously continues its examination of ABC’s TGIF lineup with its most iconic series, Family Matters. But will Steve Urkel’s media cred survive their look at the episode called “Cheers Looking at You, Kid?”

When Urkel discovers Laura’s cheerleading competition in Omaha will include some quality time with potential boyfriend Gary, he devises a way to join the trip and spy on Laura. Will Laura call him on his constant hounding and name it for what it is? Meanwhile, Carl and Harriet have the house to themselves and plan for a very romantic weekend. Will Urkel find a way to interrupt their plans as well?

Erik declares Urkel a stalker and decides Seth MacFarlane is better than Zach Braff. Justin refuses to refer to Carl Winslow as anything but Sgt. Al Powell. He also examines the changes in screen kissing over the decades. Erik gets confused about sports movies. Kellie Shanygne Williams gets MVP status thanks  to naturalistic approach to playing Laura. Erik and Justin discuss credit sequence formats from 20th Century sitcoms. Urkel’s stalker status leads to a new series pitch called the Snowbank Killer. Erik discusses the TV trope of the “dim” best friend and both find some virtues in the Family Matters pilot. Also, Urkel is a stalker.

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Tread Perilously — Full House: My Left And Right Foot

Tread Perilously’s examination of ABC’s TGIF lineup continues with an episode of Full House called “My Left and Right Foot.”

When DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler make fun of her feet — which a shoe salesman tells them are slightly larger than average for a girl her age — Michelle gets extreme anxiety; leading to stress dreams and a radical solution. Meanwhile, Uncle Jesse has to tell Becky that she cannot be part of his trio with Joey and Danny because her voice is terrible. Will he be able to teach her how to harmonize?

Sarah Madden joins Erik and Justin for a stroll down dim 1990s memories. Justin freaks out when he realizes Full House is a Dune-sized epic. Erik refuses to use Dave Coulier’s catchphrase. Sarah schools Erik on his unkind use of “Yoko” as a verb. He conjures up memories of the short-lived sitcom You Again? while Sarah introduces an unseen terror lurking in Michelle’s dream. Justin discusses the relative ease in changing a diaper. The team decides the Tanner mom is from Perfect Stranger‘s Mypos and died in a comical accident either involving a fat fryer or many goats. They also come to the startling realization that Dave Coulier’s head does indeed look like a toe.

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