Tread Perilously — Royal Pains: Game Of Phones

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s Blue Sky month concludes with a look at Royal Pains via the episode called “Game of Phones.”

When Paige plans a birthday surprise for Evan, he assumes Divya’s sudden offer to fly everyone to Tuscany is part of the surprise. Things do not turn out that way as Paige gets stuck in New York and Divya finds a family drama of her own waiting at the villa of her mother’s Italian boyfriend. Back in the States, Hank’s attempt to help the O’Shea family takes a turn when Molly hitchhikes to her childhood home and Don experiences a heart attack. But will Molly narc on Hank’s prescription drug habit?

Erik takes an early stance on Royal Pains as a whole. Justin tries to compare series star Mark Feuerstein to Psych‘s James Roday Rodriguez. The disbelief regarding the program’s central location — an upstate New York castle — leads to an extended riff on the X-Men. It also leads to Erik taking a bold stance on Wolverine. Sunspot, Longshot, Maverick and Dani Moonstar also get a mention. The pair finally discuss WandaVision. Justin decries the hacky episode premise and both he and Erik heavily criticize the gift Paige actually planned for Evan. Also, will Erik ever say “hydrocodone” properly?

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Tread Perilously — White Collar: Quantico Closure

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s Blue Sky month continues with Matt Bomer and the White Collar episode called “Quantico Closure.”

While Neal continues to work on the codex and romance Rebecca, Peter’s ongoing grief about the death of an agent under his command comes to a head when his ex-girlfriend, Jill, comes to town. Both were at Quantico years ago, but split up for reasons unclear to Peter. But Jill needs his help to finish buying a codebreaking MacGuffin before private military contractors or a rouge state can get their hands on it. It all seems innocent enough, but Peter’s wife Elizabeth doubts Jill’s good intentions. Will any of this connect back to a carjacker using a stolen FBI badge?

Erik feels cheated because the “Previously on…” featured an otherwise absent Mark Sheppard. He also tries to guess the premise of White Collar and gets pretty close. Justin extols the virtues of Matt Bomer, leading to a new version of The Thomas Crown Affair for television. The quality of Tiffani Thiessen’s character and performance proves to be a revelation. Justin speaks out against deviled ham. Kim Dickens proves to be a welcome guest star. Erik complains about the scene transitions and the pair stumble into “Chandler Bing’s Law.”

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Tread Perilously — Psych: A Nightmare On State Street

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s look at the USA Network Blue Sky dramedies continues with the Psych episode called “A Nightmare on State Street.”

Following his breakup, Gus’s sleep habits have become erratic at best and sleep therapist Ashford N. Simpson (special guest Bruce Campbell) offers no real guidance. Instead, Gus’s few moments of rest are marred by vivid nightmares of losing Shawn or finding himself in classic horror movie situations. But is all of it a dream? And will Shawn be able to clear guest star Dean Cameron of a murder involving guest star William Zabka? Also, will Tears for Fears’ Curt Smith survive in one piece?

Erik imagines a lost 1980s slobs-vs-snobs movie starring Cameron and Zabka. A Psych star plays Secret Mexican, although Erik totally understands why. Justin explains the actual premise of Psych, which is not just “a funny version of The Mentalist.” Erik reveals the one thing he really doesn’t like about Psych, which leads to a discussion of Topper Returns. Both he and Justin recall an all-day movie marathon they planned featuring Exorcist II: The Heretic. Clive Barker’s Texas Barbecue & Great American Steakery becomes a new sponsor. The episode’s homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre leads to a Tobe Hooper lovefest and Justin realizes Psych is more popular than he thought.

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Tread Perilously — Monk: Mr. Monk and the Rapper

tp1400-1Tread Perilously beings a month of USA Network’s Blue Sky era dramedies with Monk and its sixth season episode “Mr. Monk and the Rapper.”

When Bay Area hip hop artist Extra Large is murdered via a car bomb, rival rapper Murderuss becomes the prime suspect. But anticipating this, he turns to Adrian Monk to prove his innocence. Intimidated by a large Black man, Monk takes the case and spends most of the hour trying to get out of it. Natalie, meanwhile, notices the owner of Extra Large’s label being quite shady about the whole affair. Will she be able to wake Monk out of his racist haze long enough for him to put the pieces together?

Erik issues an important safety warning about limos on the Universal Studios backlot. Geography Corner makes a special trip to San Francisco. Bane returns with new allegations about the Batman’s child army. The show’s loose implication that Diddy killed the Notorious B.I.G. becomes an unavoidable part of the discussion. Special Guest Star Snoop Dogg gets praise for his performance. Justin also praises guest character Snake Da Assassin. Monk’s apparent racism gets criticized. Erik tells a horror story about the ghost of Richard M. Nixon (harroo!) and the importance of ordering breakfast is reiterated.

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Tread Perilously — Glee: Lights Out

tp1400-1Tread Perilously closes out its New Class month with Glee and the episode called “Lights Out.”

Will’s plan to prepare for the upcoming regionals gets derailed when the power goes out across the school. Principal Figgins cautions against cannibalism while Will takes the opportunity to make the Glee Club go “unplugged.” It has a surprising effect on some of the students. Meanwhile, in New York, Rachel and Kurt try to stop Santana from becoming a go-go dancer by inviting her to the “social event of the ballet calendar,” and Sue tries her best to convince herself that quitting to protect Becky was the best choice she ever made.

Erik immediately wants Glee to focus on guest star Melissa Benoist. Justin tries to fit the series into the Ryan Murphy pantheon and his understanding of it via the Community parody. Musical theater as a form get examined. Erik starts to plot the Infinity War musical. The discussion inevitably leads to Fame. The pair appreciate Iqbal Theba’s performance as Principal Figgins, but criticize the program’s use of a sensitive issue. Justin disagrees with the use of “Everybody Hurts” on general principle. The number of songs featured in the episode also becomes an issue and Erik finds he likes a sympathetic Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Tread Perilously — Dawson’s Creek: Lovelines

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s New Class continues with a final season episode of Dawson’s Creek called “Lovelines.”

When Jen successfully books Loveline hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carollla for a college show, Audrey gets excited to meet Dr. Drew. Jen, meanwhile, gets stressed out and breaks up with C.J. (Jensen Ackles!). Across the dorm room, Joey’s trust issues with Eddie leave him believing she is repulsed by his touch … which is a totally reasonable guess on this occasion. Finally, Jack wonders if his boyfriend is flirting with a dude who’s clearly looking for a threesome. Will the incredibly questionable advice of Dr. Drew and Adam help these couples resolve their problems? Oh, also, where’s Dawson?

Justin’s daughter discovers Pokemon. Erik’s 20+ year dislike of Dawson’s Creek is reaffirmed. The pair differ on The Faculty while launching into a discussion of the reference-laden dialogue favored by Dawson’s creator Kevin Williamson and the sound of video store nerds from the 1990s. They also reminisce about Loveline‘s formative years in the Los Angeles radio market. Justin theorizes Eddie would sell Joey to the Humungus if given the chance. Erik and Justin create the Supernatural spinoff that would have found success and stumble into another of the Batman’s many crimes.

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Tread Perilously — Airwolf: Out Of The Sky

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s New Class continues with Airwolf (finally!) and the episode called “Out of the Sky”

Stringfellow Hawke lazily finds himself a new squeeze when Santini Air gets hired to film the final show of country star Roxy Marvel’s current tour. The gig includes filming all the rehearsals and flying a prop UFO over the stage. The flaw in that design becomes apparent when Roxy gets shocked, but it is only the latest in a series of troubles between the star and her manager/ex-husband Nick DeSoto. String suggests she join him and the Airwolf crew at his private mountain retreat to unwind. Will it lead to true love or will kidnappers connected to the stagecraft business ruin their bliss?

Erik and Justin get lost in Roxy’s UFO-related song and the power of fake music — which leads immediately to Josie and the Pussycats. Jan-Michael Vincent’s “strengths” as a performer are examined. Ernest Borgnine gets praise for his enthusiasm. Justin reveals he’s never seen Rambo: First Blood Part II. A Cobra Kai spoiler comes up for those not finished with Season 3. Airwolf gets compared to Tequila and Bonetti (and some other super-vehicle series from the 1980s) and the pair send a love letter to Joe Mantegna.

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