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Qwikster 2: The Qwikening

Steve Jobs died last week, leaving behind a legacy few CEOs can match. He founded Apple in his garage with Steve Wozniak, helping to usher in the home computing age. He was ousted in 1985, and the company began to … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About the Lohans

OK, before I begin here, we need to address the skull-faced elephant in the room: Now, granted, Ali Lohan is 17, and this could be one of the most awkward growth spurts in history (as her PR flack is contending … Continue reading

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The American President Meets the Tea Party

Well, Congress passed the debt ceiling deal and the spending cuts, and contrary to a suggestion I made on my blog, President Obama signed the debt ceiling bill.   I’m disappointed.  I wish the Democrats and the President had put up more … Continue reading

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Possible Future 2: This Future Just Got a Hell of a Lot More Possible!

Much as Clint did in a recent post, I also have cause to briefly revisit a previous post of mine, written when Apple released its rejiggered MacBook Air. I made some predictions then about how the computer business may pan … Continue reading

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Not About Wine: Early Thoughts On Google+

I’m cautiously excited about Google+. Here’s why. I’m not a big Facebook user anymore. I’ve been on that damn site since 2004 and have seen it become so overloaded with noise that it has become useless to me beyond the … Continue reading

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What are We Celebrating?

Have you watched Star Wars (the original) lately?  We all know what happens, of course.  I’m not even going to put in a spoiler warning.  Luke Skywalker flies down the Death Star trench, his wingmen falling one by one to … Continue reading

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That’s the Wrong Reaction, Folks

March 11 was a terrible day for Japan, as a magnitude-9.0 earthquake hit off the coast and sent a giant tsunami toward the shore. It was a devastating natural disaster which ground the country to a halt, and also led … Continue reading

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