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Not About Wine: Why The Postal Service Should Not Release Another Album

I have many great associations attached to The Postal Service’s 2003 album Give Up. I was reminded about those associations while watching their performance of “From Such Great Heights” on The Colbert Report last night. They range from great times … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: I Miss Low-Alcohol Beer

There was a time not that long ago when a bottle of Chimay Brewery’s Grande Reserve Blue Label’s 9% alcohol by volume was caused titillation for beer drinkers. But that was a time when your typical IPA was 6% ABV … Continue reading

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New Satellite Show Update

So, I can happily report that we recorded an episode of New Satellite Show. And yes, preparing for the Show is why I’ve been silent for the past several weeks. Okay, fine, I was racking up paid writing gigs to … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never: The West Wing

As I write this I’m wrapping up the final episode of a whirlwind of Netflixing the entire 150+ episode run of NBC’s The West Wing in about a month. I’d never seen more than a handful of episodes of  Aaron Sorkin’s White … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: Fear of Fruit

In my day-to-day life in the wine business, I’ve noticed a curious class of wine aficionado for whom “fruit” equates with “manipulation” in a wine. But let’s take a step back. What do I mean by “fruit?” Fruit, as I … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: Because You Need The Reminder – Sulfites Revisited!

You’re not allergic to sulfites. Well, probably not. For some reason the sulfite question has popped up in the wine world a lot recently. I think it’s a combination of an increased interest in organic products in general coupled with … Continue reading

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Food & Wine Thursdays: So You’re Throwing a Party (and you need booze)

So you’re throwing a party. Like a real one, not a BYO Coors Light and Manischewitz blowout in your weird cousin Barry’s basement. How much booze do you need and what should you provide? The general rule is you need … Continue reading

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