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Daniel is still recuperating from school.

The Pit of Despair, Part 1

I love my neighborhood. It’s affordable, laid back and quiet. But a few blocks away lies a nexus of evil. I think the epicenter of this horrible wasteland rests somewhere between the run-down grocery store and the Bingo hall. This … Continue reading

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On Writers as Heads of State

With the passing of Vaclav Havel this week, we saw the loss of a special person. He was a writer, political dissident, and politician…and by most accounts, he was damn good at all three. Amazingly, he seemed to be a … Continue reading

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Genre Posse

After finally finishing grad school this week, I thought to myself, why not watch a movie? It had been ages and I figured my time had come to get reacquainted with the TV. Hell, how about a Western? Nothing seemed … Continue reading

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