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Vampire Superhunks Hot or Not

This could very well just be a brief list of names, really. However, in promising you a Vampire Superhunks Hot or Not ranking, I feel I owe you more. I owe you more because you’re in one of two groups: … Continue reading

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Airborne Spicy Event Redux: Battle Royale

Hello, Satellite readers! I’m sure you’re excited about my triumphant return to the blogosphere. Well, don’t get too attached, I still feel a weekly blog spot is too much commitment, but as the Mark of Quality has resumed school, I’m … Continue reading

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Spring Break, and Our Very Own Cathedral of Junk

Last week was spring break at the school where my husband Mark works, and my work hours are flexible (since I’m still underemployed… but that’s a post for another day), so early in March we decided to take the plunge … Continue reading

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Get Off Your Hobby Horse

How many times have you been asked to list your hobbies and interests? What have you answered? I ask because this matter sort of stumps me. In considering the millions of ways people could and do spend their free time, … Continue reading

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Never Take Fancy Cheese From Strangers- and other tales of woe about roommating

In today’s installment of Kat’s Corner (the popular radio feature in which I tell stories from my exciting life), we discuss the all-consuming problem that at one point or another has caused most of us great consternation: finding the perfect … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why “Twilight” is Better Than “From Dusk Till Dawn”

Yes, you read that right. Welcome to Quality Antisocial Films, where the controversial entertainment opinion is stated as irrefutable fact. In today’s analysis we plunge right into the heart of the matter (forgive the pun) and discuss two pieces of … Continue reading

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