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It is the business of the future to be dangerous; and it is among the merits of science that it equips the future for its duties. -A.N. Whitehead

Hippie Lesson #1: Sweet Mother of Kombucha

Perhaps you’ve heard about kombucha (Russian for “Creature Tea”), the fizzy, slimy, smelly fermented beverage with translucent junk floating in it that all the weirdos who hang out at Whole Foods have been blogging about. Perhaps you’re skeptical about the … Continue reading

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Where am I going, where have I been?

I’m in Austin this week, visiting friends and family and not giving much thought to this blog. So, instead of a hastily composed angry rant or a thrown together album review, you get something I originally composed for my application … Continue reading

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O, My Soul

When Katrina hit in 2005, I heard that Alex Chilton had refused to evacuate his New Orleans home, staying put as the waves reached his front porch. The news came as a shock to me not because it seemed out … Continue reading

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Greetings from the Seventh Annual “Best Pet Is Cat” Awards

Friends, As birds twitter cheerfully outside my kitchen window while the sun blazes well into the evening, it’s clear that once again, spring is upon us. Seedlings are sprouting up from the soil, blossoms are budding on my fruit trees, … Continue reading

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Where My Goths at? or Searching for the Great White American Buffalo

There was a time, not long ago, when, pretty much anywhere in America, you could pick up a whiff of Djarum Black clove smoke and follow the wafting aromatic trail to an alley where a group of chubby corsetted girls … Continue reading

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Extinction Level Anthems

Now We Can See by The Thermals the earth was too hot the air was too thin i took off my clothes i took off my skin So begins the Thermals glorious fourth album, Now We Can See, and less … Continue reading

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War on Stupidity: Reframing the Discussion

Ladies and Gentlemen, Every time it snows somewhere in America, Satan’s lapdogs start blathering on about how a goddamned storm is somehow incontrovertible proof that global warming does not exist, as though the very persistence of the institution of winter … Continue reading

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