Tread Perilously — House Of The Dragon: The Princess And The Queen

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s month of prestige fantasy makes haste for Westeros and the House of the Dragon episode called “The Princess and the Queen.”

After giving birth to her third child, Princess Rhaenyra faces rumors and accusations about its father. The source of those whispers? Queen Alicent. The situation leads to tension between Rhaenyera and her husband, Prince Laenor, and a situation in the yard while their boys train with Alicent’s sons. Meanwhile in Pentos, Daemon and Laena consider an intriguing opportunity from the local aristocrats — but will Laena’s own pregnancy put the kibosh on whatever Daemon truly wants? Also, why is Larys Strong so interested in aiding Alicent?

Erik and Justin immediately resume their Ice and Fire nerdery, starting with a look into Game of Thrones‘s endgame and the other spinoff. Justin champions King Viserys’s long, lingering death. Erik once again offers his support to fanfic writers. He also briefly forgets the name of his “favorite” Ice and Fire character. Justin tries to piece together the political situation in King’s Landing based on a single episode of House of the Dragon. The architectural design of Harrenhal comes into question. Erik dives into the dynamic between Alicent and Larys Strong and some Star Wars talk happens.

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About Erik

Erik Amaya is the host of Tread Perilously and the former Head Film/TV writer at Bleeding Cool. He has also contributed to sites like CBR, Comics Alliance and Fanbase Press. He is also the voice of Puppet Tommy on "The Room Responds."
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