Tread Perilously — Star Trek ENT: Azati Prime

tp1400-1Tread Perilously’s annual Star Trek month winds down with the Star Trek: Enterprise episode called “Azati Prime.”

While using one of the Insectoid pods they recently captured, Enterprise discovers a sphere being built under the ocean of a world in Xindi-controlled space. All agree a suicide run is in order to destroy the sphere, but Captain Archer insists on doing the mission himself. Even a quick jaunt to Enterprise-J will not divert his plan. It, of course, goes poorly and the now-captured captain tries to talk to one of the Xindi leaders about peace. Back on the ship, T’Pol’s attraction(?) to Archer leads her to make some bad decisions.

Erik openly doubts Enterprise will be featured in next year’s Star Trek month. Justin doubts “Azati Prime” had a beginning or end. Both doubt this is really the third best episode of the series, as voted on by users of IMDb. The 9/11 or War in Afghanistan parallel in Enterprise‘s third season comes off as ill-advised. It leads, of course, to a History Corner. Land of the Lost gets added to the list of shows and Justin offers a behind-the-scenes look at The Full Peril. Erik’s war on Tom Paris continues. He also makes a reference to Star Trek Day. The pair feel for Jolene Blalock’s tough circumstances on Enterprise and Connor Trinneer once again proves to be the MVP.

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About Erik

Erik Amaya is the host of Tread Perilously and the former Head Film/TV writer at Bleeding Cool. He has also contributed to sites like CBR, Comics Alliance and Fanbase Press. He is also the voice of Puppet Tommy on "The Room Responds."
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