Tread Perilously — Dark Shadows: Episodes 858 & 859

Tread Perilously travels through time to 1969 to watch episodes 858 and 859 of the cult classic gothy soap opera Dark Shadows.

In 1897, Quentin Collins continues to suffer in the body of Count Petofi, who in turn intends to marry Angelique by the end of the week. Although, his real plan is to use Angelique in a spell which will allow him to use Quentin’s body in 1969. Desperate, Quentin reaches out to Julia, another time traveler from 1969, who promptly disappears. When Kitty makes her way to Julia’s home, he uses her belief that he is Count Petofi to force her to search “Quentin’s” room for some time traveling McGuffin. Will she learn the truth about the body-switch before Angelique gets sacrificed to the timestream?

Erik and Justin try to make sense of two random episodes of Dark Shadows, the time-travel plot, and Erik’s knowledge of Days of Our Lives. He also recovers the reason he initially despised J.J. Abrams. It, of course, leads to a discussion of Star Trek. Count Petofi’s look gets dissected. Dan Stevens gets turned into a junior copywriter at Sterling Cooper. The pair recall their times in the CalTech steam tunnels and Babylon 5‘s Kosh Naranek becomes a lifeguard.

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About Erik

Erik Amaya is the host of Tread Perilously and the former Head Film/TV writer at Bleeding Cool. He has also contributed to sites like CBR, Comics Alliance and Fanbase Press. He is also the voice of Puppet Tommy on "The Room Responds."
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