Liner Notes

Did you know I’m an author? Seriously. I have nine books you can go out right now and buy, and the next one is due in October. Crazy, right? Whenever a new one comes out, I like to share the thought process behind it, sort of like those liner notes from albums when the guys in the band would tell you exactly what drugs they were on when they wrote each track.

Sadly, for me, the answer is always iced tea. Always.

Undead On Arrival
A bone-crunching ultra-violent noir set after the zombie apocalypse. Chapter one, our (anti) hero gets bitten, and over the next twenty-three chapters, he’s slowly turning into a zombie while he tries to figure out who set him up.

The Dollmaker
Maybe the most disturbing thing I’ve ever written. A postmodern take on Frankenstein, about an emotionally crippled genius who uses pieces of his soul to create beautiful women out of the inanimate.

Mr Blank
He works for every conspiracy, secret society, and cult on the planet, doing the crap jobs no one else wants to do. On one of these errands, someone tries to kill him — bizarrely — and now he’s on the clock to find out who.

Nerve Zero
My first book is a science fiction noir set on a zero-gravity space station whose inhabitants have grown so used to weightlessness that they’ll suffocate in a normal environment. Their planet has been enslaved, and now one of the native sons returns home only to get sucked into the strange politics of his home.

A secret world of powerful mages and their inhuman servants fight an eternal war in the shadows. The first in an open-ended series exploring immortality, loyalty, power, and sometimes just good, ripping yarns.

A broken man learns he has the ability to steal the lives of others. One of his victims grows steadily madder as his body mutates into a new and terrifying form. A woman tries to save her husband, but can she fight madness?

City of Devils
Los Angeles, 1955. Monsters are real. Werewolves are cops. Phantoms are musicians. Crawling eyes run the studios. Doppelgangers are actors. Humans are the downtrodden minorities, preyed on and changed. Now the last human detective is hired to find a missing mummy, and the whole city wants him dead.

Get Blank
The conspiracies only get weirder in the sequel to Mr Blank. When Blank’s girlfriend gets framed, he’s back into the crazy world he thought he’d left behind, threatened on all sides by Satanists, deranged movie stars, a self-help cult, and, of course, Bigfoot.

The Last Son of Ahriman
The first book in a trilogy, this is the origin story of a new kind of hero. Fighting fire with fire is a thing people say. In this one, he fights Cthulhu with Cthulhu. It wasn’t supposed to be him: his brother was killed forcing him into the mantle, but he does his job anyway.

There’s a peek behind the curtain! Enjoy.

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