Last Stand of the Common Man


I found this attached to a gas station stall sometime in 2008 either in Kettleman City or Coalinga or one of the other odd dozen outposts on the side of Interstate 5 through California’s central valley. Admittedly, these are rough towns. They exist to supply the world with food and fuel to travelers from L.A. on the their way to the Bay Area. Though, I think I may have been heading to Sacramento on this particular journey. I couldn’t help but notice the desperation hidden within it.

As a new feudalism emerges, those on the estate will quickly look to find others to blame for their woes. They’re hopelessly addicted to the crumbs the vassal lords give them and that same aristocracy will prop up that fear of the others as it serves their ends. Aristocracy works like a disease. It spreads, it works its “magic,” and leaves scares.

So, on the eve of that most American of holidays, I consider the grim reminders that the ghosts of feudalism, the very things that led to this country, continue to haunt us. The world — or rather, the Western view of the world — is cracking again and its important to consider why. Not just from the standpoint of current events that I’ll only obliquely comment on, but from the consideration of the tide of history itself and the way old powers return in new shapes to commit the only true evil in the universe: the conscious choice to dominate others against their wills.

Our world is built on the deaths caused by this evil, this will to domination. The promise of dominion in the afterlife is the comforting thought many sleep on. And if one thing has become clear in the last year, that particular will to dominate in the United States and the wounds of its legacy are not settled.

A Tale Of Two Hoodies by Michael D'Antuono

A Tale Of Two Hoodies by Michael D’Antuono

But before any healing can begin, the disease must be diagnosed and the pain from that will shatter the seven countries that pretend to be one.

So, yeah, happy Thanksgiving from your Satellite Show.

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