We Need To Talk About This Photo

I was having some fun today with a story about Sandra Oh leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” (because you find me a deeper well of hilarity than that) and I came across the following promotional “photo” for a new ABC show called “Back in the Game.” I put “photo” in quotes because… well, you see for yourself:

Something… something seems off… oh yeah! EVERYTHING.

Now, this bears highlighting: this is not a promotional piece for some local real estate agent, or a froyo shop. This is for a network TV show, and as such, should have, approximately, infinity money for such image work. Instead, we get a photo comprised of eight people who clearly were not in the same room at the same time for this. I mean:

  • James Caan, Maggie Lawson, and Softball Shirt are standing together, but don’t even look like they were shot with the same camera.
  • Orange Jacket Kid at bottom-right sorta looks like he’s hovering over that bench.
  • Also, the leg cutoff from his bench looks proper, but it still doesn’t?
  • White Pantsuit Lady looks like she’s Photoshopped into a photo where everyone is already Photoshopped. Like after they added the seven other people and submitted it, someone said, “Wait! What about White Pantsuit?” and had to add her in last-minute.
  • Is Baseball Outfit on the left actually an honest-to-god cardboard cutout?
  • Final note: Baseball Outfit and Black Jacket Kid share a foot. Bottom-left, take a look.

This is just terrible. And I’m no digital artist in any capacity, but I still feel confident and justified in calling this terrible. I already have a predilection against typos and grammatical errors in signage and brochures; I feel like it’s laziness and carelessness on the business’ part. And the bigger the company, the harsher my standards are. So when the Disney-owned ABC Network can’t make a simple cast photo to save their goddamn lives, haters gonna hate. You have unlimited resources, ABC. This should never have left the designer’s laptop, much less made the official image of the show.

A Twitter friend of mine proposed that these people don’t really exist. I replied that maybe that would be the series finale (aka Episode 6).

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