Food & Wine Thursdays: Encomium of Domino’s

When Domino’s Pizza, that venerable institution that had for years been universally considered to be the shittiest of all the national pizza chains, launched a massive campaign to overhaul its image a couple years ago, it was met with quite a bit of skepticism and derision.

Much of that stemmed from the simple fact that the principal thrust of their ad campaign was: “We know you thought our pizza was shitty and, you know what, it probably was, but now we’ve made it better, we promise.” And even though my skepticism endured until just about a year ago, you know what? Domino’s Pizza really is a lot better, just as cheap, and thanks to a fantastic mobile app, a lot of fun to order.

A wise food writer–I’m going to say it was Alan Richman–pointed out that pizza, generally speaking, is rarely bad. It is, after all, bread, cheese, and oftentimes fatty meats. What sets the great pizzas apart is a mix of the quality of its ingredients and ultra high-temperature ovens. Absent those, the vast majority of pizzas are, well, just pizza.

So what raised Domino’s from terrible to more-than-acceptable?

  1. The app. It really can’t be stressed enough that the Domino’s pizza app is amazing. It makes ordering pizza fun, effortless, and actually fairly personal. The app automatically has all current coupons loaded into it, remembers multiple locations where you’ll want your pizza delivered, and tells you who is putting your pizza in the oven and when it’s out for delivery.
  2. Styling. Although their storefronts are as drab and generic as ever, their pizza boxes, website, and overall aesthetic is modern and fun without feeling forced.
  3. The pizza actually is better. Better crust. Multiple crust options. Better toppings. MUCH better sauce. And their lineup of Artisan Pizzas and American Legends Pizza combos are, quite frankly, delicious.

I still have lots of love for my premium pizza purveyors, but when you need a pile of pizza at a reasonable price at all hours, Domino’s is no longer one you’ll feel ashamed of ordering. Will you still feel a little dirty? Sure, but that’s not always a bad thing.


About David D.

I'm a wine professional. Like a real one who makes most of his living in wine and have for most of my adult life. I also write, but you can see that.
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