Mr. Blank Blog Tour

Hey, I wrote that!

My newest novel Mr. Blank was released on Tuesday to the joyous rapture of literally tens of readers.  To help promote it, I’m doing something called a blog tour, where I post on a couple sites nice enough to have me.  Instead of doing one of my long-winded and needlessly digressive reviews, here’s a collection of the stuff I wrote:

The mighty Bibliognome interviewed the main character of Mr. Blank.  I can’t prove it, but I suspect Mrs. Supermarket is behind this booking.

The ladies over at Snobbery (you know they’re awesome because they love The Great Brain), interviewed my hero as well.

Anne Johnson (whose stuff you should check out, like now, if not sooner), graciously offered to host me.  So I talked about the importance of outlining.  Which, in my defense, is super important.

I thought I’d let everyone into the real story behind Mr. Blank.  There’s more to it, but you’ll have to get me drunk.

And because I’m a remorseless killjoy, I thought I’d write a short history on the legend of the chupacabra.

If you want to have a party for my book, David knows how much booze you’ll need.  And  if a guest of honor is required, Clint talks about the only choice.

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8 Responses to Mr. Blank Blog Tour

  1. sj says:

    Yesssss! The Great Brain was awesome!

    I really hope I’m not missing some subtle sarcasm. [unsure]

    • Justin says:

      As J.D. would say, “Heck no!”

      I was a big fan while growing up, with the fourth in the series being a particular favorite. I think what most appealed was Tom getting the better of a bunch of Jesuit priests. And the inclusion of basketball, of course.

      • sj says:

        Ha! That one was my favourite too!

        I learned all about demerits and potato peeling as punishment from that book.

  2. Justin says:

    There’s something undeniably terrifying about 1) confessing to your teacher and 2) going to a place where there are no women.

    • sj says:

      Yes, I absolutely agree.

      I’ll confess I had a warm fuzzy moment reading your comments. I don’t know anyone else that has read these books, and they were a huge part of my childhood. I really need to find them for my littlies, I know they’d get a big kick out of them.

  3. J. Ringo says:

    I know I’m a little late to the party here, but I just wanted to add to the consensus that The Great Brain at the Academy is indeed the best book in the series. I always particularly loved the part where they explicitly said that Tom became friends with the one kid solely because “Tom believed he was a sensitive kid who would value his friendship to the point where he could get the boy to do anything he wanted.” Ah, good ol’ T.D. Such a little fuckin’ sociopath…

    Also, this is a bit off topic, but Howliday Inn was totally better than Bunnicula. Yeah, I said it. Any of you bitches got a problem with that?

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