The Politics of Dining, the Politics of, Mmmmmm, Eating Food

Sbarro’s “Inequality for Women’s Pay” Pizza Day is next week.

Here’s a brief one, because it’s been too long, and this is too dumb.

One of the things that comes with knowing people from different areas is the inevitable “Oh, you don’t have a Blah Blah Restaurant Blah out here? Oh, man, their burgers are AMAZING.” Living in SoCal, you often got that about Whataburger, White Castle, Five Guys, and Chic-Fil-A. Recent franchise moves have closed that gap with Five Guys & Chic-Fil-A. I’ve been to Five Guys (and sorry Fivers, but, meh), but have yet to visit Chic-Fil-A. Thanks to recent events, however, the decision not to go has been made for me.

Now, let me lay this out for everyone right now: this is not a matter of having a stick up my ass over one guy’s opinion. Whatever a guy does or thinks in his spare time is of no concern to me. The founder of TJ Maxx could be a horrible racist (and I am NOT saying this is true at all) and I really don’t think that would affect my enjoyment of the store, so long as that was private. But this isn’t about Dan Cathy at home, telling his family he thinks gay marriage is icky. This is about his company’s history supporting groups that actively seek to ban gay marriage, and his answers when confronted about such support. (Short answer: “Two dudes? Eew.”)

I’m amazed he posed for this picture. Seems kinda phallic.

And this whole “Appreciation Day” horseshit is fucking hilarious. Never mind that they agree with banning gay marriage. (Because, again, “Two dudes? Eew.”) It’s that they would say to themselves, “Hey, that guy I don’t know is right about homos not getting married! Let’s go buy some of his chicken sandwiches!” and feel like you were doing your civic duty, if not God’s Work. It’s the pride involved in packing into a Chic-Fil-A (really, a fourth-tier fast food place) and ordering their Jumbo Chickenwich Combo because fuck gay people, because, once more, “Two dudes? Eew.”

(Just as you will never convince me that the Tea Party’s utter hatred of Obama isn’t borne in part out of racism, you will also never convince me that people’s opposition to gay marriage isn’t borne in part out of shame and disgust that two dudes wanna fuck each other.)

It’s just that Kenyans often lean toward socialism, is all he’s saying.

So, look, the simple answer for me is this: you patronize Chic-Fil-A, you patronize a company that opposes equality AS AN OFFICIAL COMPANY PLATFORM. That certainly doesn’t make you an automatic homophobe, but it does make you upsettingly unchoosy about your food choices. Because there are several other places to get chicken sandwiches, and you can totally kiss your same-sex boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife there.

Am I being harsh? Probably, and sorry if I am. But I’m also cool with two dudes or two ladies getting married, so I’m calling this one a win in the long term.

And there’s a problem with this WHY?

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5 Responses to The Politics of Dining, the Politics of, Mmmmmm, Eating Food

  1. Andrew says:

    We’re going to be seeing more of this stuff because of Citizens United. The free flow of money from corporations to political campaigns makes purchasing choices a more political act. To a degree, it always was. My dad wouldn’t let us buy grapes growing up to support UFW, and wouldn’t cross picket lines. It is only out of pure desperation that will go into a Walmart, and I’ve made choice in terms of banking, my auto club and my wireless provider based, at least partly, on politics, but I’m more political than most people. Now, with social media, one person doing a little research can find one media clip on one unknown show and spark a national controversy. That’s what happened with Chick-fil-A (blech…the name screams “ignorant American”), and I would expect to see it happen again and again as long as there is a direct flow of money from cash registers to politicians and lobbyists.

    • Andrew says:

      *I wil go…, *choices

    • the Haus always wins says:

      I agree Andrew, I don’t think people are going to enjoy the end result of 5 years of Citizens united. I’m curious how that’s going to play out during the election as well. I think we’re about to find out if elections can be bought. That said, I don’t understand why people pay attention to transparently manipulative commercials in the first place.

      That said, as a practicing gay, the chik-fil-a stuff was typical. As always, the REAL victims are the people who aren’t allowed to bully gay teens to death.

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