There’s No Party Like a Tron Dance Party

Dateline Disneyland:

Hunter Thompson needed his mojo wire to bring you his coverage of the failed McGovern campaign. I can do just the same through the magic of the internets and a small computer that fits in my pocket which I sometimes use as a phone.

Truly, we live in the future. And Disney wants to celebrate that future by having a dance party themed to a sequel to a twenty eight year old movie.

ElecTRONica opened in Disney’s California Adventure recently replacing the previous dance party, Glowfest. Both events are very much of the 80s, though Glowfest was the bad kind of 80s, hot pink and yellow neon and the like. ElecTRONica is the good kind of 80s, lots of blacks with red and blue neon. You need the right sort of neon to do things properly.

Is there a story line for elecTRONica? Oh I guess the official Disney simalcrum of Michael Sheen’s character is thrown a big dance party for the programs of the gaming grid. Sure, let’s go with that. We’ll see. At the time of this line’s writing, the party doesn’t start for another three and a half hours. In the meantime, we are preparing ourselves by relaxing in the Golden Vine wine bar and sipping some caramel apple cider mixed with some contraband Irish whiskey. If a Tron dance party is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

[Many hours later]

Well that was very fun.  So fun I forgot to complete this post before the night was over.  Also, I was pretty drunk.  Which you might have noticed from all my awful drunk twitterings.  Sorry about that.

So yes, the MC Program or whatever is throwing a dance party, and it’s awesome.  There’s a big Recognizer and it yells things at you.  There’s Flynn’s, which has Space Paranoids (but only one pinball machine, boo!).  There’s Laserman, who does things with lasers.  There are lots of lightcycle and other assorted game projections on the buildings of Hollywoodland.

The details are a bit vauge right now (not surprising), but lots of Daft Punk was played, which is appropriate.  I recommend it if anyone has a chance to check it out.  I am, however, entirely too old to dance for several hours with a bunch of teenagers.  So sore.

Here’s some of the previous few non-blurry pictures from my phone:




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