Wine Log: July 4, 2010

While the wife and I have always enjoyed wine and liked to try pick out the various flavors, we decided to start keeping a wine log to formally document the process.  It’s a good exercise, not so much to refine ourselves to the point of pretension, but to strengthen our tasting skills just a little.  To gain some terminology to properly describe the wine.  To be able to confirm or contradict the descriptions on the label, or to better engage the nice people at the winery we just joined to get free tastings.  And to show off.

-June 22, 2010:

Winnefred Chardonay – Central Coast California – 2009

Slightly fruity but more dry than sweet.  There’s a battle between them.  Chels detects spun honey, not just honey but spun honey.  Some vodka flavor, but mainly beer.  The beer flavor really fits because the label describes the story of Miss Winnefred as the winner of a pizza eating contest.  Must be the “hint of fennel.”

Paired with Chels’ homemade tempeh stuffed mini-portabella mushrooms, with a bit of tequila which gave them a good kick and went well with the swiss cheese.

-July 1, 2010

Toasted Head Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Reserve – Alexander Valley – 2008

There’s no description on the bottle to give us a hint to the flavors.  I guess the implication is, “If you don’t know, we’re not going to tell you.”  Well, we’ll see about that, Toasted Head.  Heavy taste of dark chocolate with some spice.  Not too oaky.  Starts sweet but ends dry.  Chewy but smooth.

Paired with Trader Joe’s pesto tortellini, with Chels’ homemade alfredo sauce with some spinach mixed in and some artichoke hearts on top.  That’s right; we went with a strong red with a light pasta.  What are you gonna do about it?

-July 3, 2010

Ecco Domani Merlot – Sicilia Italy – 2008

One of the first wines we first really enjoyed back in the day, but haven’t had it in a while.   Sharp, needed decanting.  Chels tasted honey at first but that went away as it breathed.  Smelled warm and spicy but tasted sweet.  The label declares a cheery flavor, but other than slightly sweet and fruity, it’s not overly detectable.

Paired with Trader Joe’s potato gnocchi, tossed in Chels’ homemade nebakanezer niter kibbeh sauce which is spiced clarified butter.  Sided with sauted chopped asperegus, and some of Trader Joe’s baked pastry bites.

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Tim Bennett works for a publisher of science and technology, amongst other things.
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