Tonight’s Special Feature: Scenes from Tokyo Disneyland

Due a busy work week and our trip out of town this weekend, I sadly will not able to bring you your regularly scheduled programming today. Instead I will be showing you some videos from our recent vacation to Japan. Lucky you!

Please tune in next week for a topic much more interesting. Like comics or another Voyager episode or something.

When Indiana Jones discovers an ancient temple in suburban Anaheim, naturally it resembles the art and architecture of Bengal. But when Dr. Jones finds an ancient temple in reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay, of course it looks like something from Central America. Regrettably, Sallah couldn’t make the long trip overseas. He hates planes and is lactose intolerant. But never fear, because Indy’s other other other friend, Paco, is here! Paco-san lends a helping hand and gives us tips on how not to die from the mechanizations of evil gods.

We just so happened to be visiting Japan during Christmas, which is a little weird because Jesus barely figured into the holiday. It was more of a celebration of the season than anything religious. The Japanese seemed to treat it like we deal with Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day. They put up a shitload of decorations, sang some songs, and then it all disappeared on December 26th. Disney, of course, has turned Christmas into a marketing extravaganza, an delicious opportunity to sell merchandise, and a chance to throw in a Christmas parade, bringing it’s daily total to five (five parades!). Being baka gaijin, we found the Christmas parade hilarious. Cultural differences and language barriers are always a reliable source of unfortunate comedy.

By watching these videos you’re all now racist. Sorry about that!

Moving on…hey how about a video featuring a puppet of Admiral Ackbar from the Japanese version of Star Tours?

What an adorable Admiral Ackbar! This is assuredly not a trap!

I also have some footage of a hilarious English instructional video recorded off the television in our hotel room, but the footage sucks. I’m at a loss at the show’s title, so finding a good copy on the Internets is proving difficult. The search continues!

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